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Animal Attacks: 03 – Lion Attacks Trainer

Animal Attacks: 03 – Lion Attacks Trainer

The Lion King – Let’s watch this city burn

I was bored and couldn’t sleep, so I started messing around with WMM and came up with this. =P I’ve always thought this song suited TLK, I dunno why… Meh. Enjoy :3 Lyrics Let’s watch it burn Let’s watch it burn Let’s watch this city burn the world Let’s watch this city burn from the skyline on top of the world Til there’s nothing left of her Let’s watch this city burn the world my body doused in ash With two empty cans of gas The only evidence they have is the police sketch of my mask and it’s hard at times to ask If you can save my heart for last And its hard to face the facts When the darkness fades to black It’s not just make beleive When they make me take a seat And they put amphetamines in the air and make me breathe So come on and grab your children Look out for burning buildings and villians who pillage they’re killin’ by the millions And billions of people die For a lost cause so now I pray to my nation destroyed under god (it’s the end of the world) All my battles have been won But the war has just begun Let’s watch this city burn from the skyline on top of the world till there’s nothing left of her let’s watch this city burn the world The city looks so pretty Do you wanna burn it with me? Till the skies bleed ashes and the fuckin’ skyline crashes We make ashes just with matches To ignite the flame and all the hopes of a youth deemed fuckin’ insane. They say: Take the pill in God we trust go and kill God loves us after life, after death Breathing till there is
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Derrick Rose – Young Lion [HD]

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Lion Protecting Girl

Before you post a hateful comment on the video, PLEASE READ THIS!! Then, think before you speak. That lion’s story is a really sad one. He and SEVERAL other big cats were owned by a bad breeder. Then when they didnt want them anymore they were put in a horse trailer crammed in there. HOT, FILTHY, MISERABLE etc. By the time the sanctuary found them a leopard had already died in the horse trailer from the heat and apparently starvation. The sanctuary rescued them, got them medical care and now they have those huge yards to be in, and that den area. The beginning of the video the man who runs the sanctuary is pulling the steel bar out that secures the door between the den and yard, so the door could swing open and let the lions out into the yard for the day. This lion always acts like that if he thinks anyone is going to get near his girlfriend, and so when I wanted a video to show people what a lion in your backyard would be like, I chose to video that lion because I knew he would act like that. I often hear people say I want a pet tiger or I want a pet lion, I wanted them to see what it was really like and that it is not something they want as a pet. The state I live in does not have any laws saying people can’t own these animals in their own backyards. So, we are trying hard to get a new law passed so people can’t have one. I wanted to show people what it would be like having a lion in their neighbor’s backyard so they would understand why a new law is important. In fact

King lion jeopardises hunt in the wild – BBC wildlife

A king lion puts the rest of the pride’s dinner in jeopardy in the Africa. Sometimes things can go wrong. Especially when you have several big cats trying to orchestrate an ambush. Wild lions hunt in nature. From the BBC.
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Just a video showing the Background , Official arts and characters of the game. I thought I should make a video about it since the game is going to be release soon.(Well,at least I think so) Comment or send me a message if you have some questions. Wish I have a Wii,so I can play this game… TT TT Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is the second Harvest Moon game for the Wii console system. Animal Parade is similar to the first Wii game, Tree of Tranquility, and has several upgrades from the previous version. This version does not utilize the Wii-remote’s functionality as Tree of Tranquility, nor does it have the large amount of Wii-remote mini games. In Japan, the game is called Bokujyou Monogatari: Wakuwaku Animal March. There will be two new main characters, as well as Renee and Luke will be returning. The Harvest god will make his first real appearance outside of DS Cute. And it looks like there will be lions, giraffes, elephants, zebras, and lemurs… A zoo perhaps? Story: The land of Castanet is split into various musical districts. The main hub of commerce is Harmonica Town, where you will find shops and residences. Your farm is located in the Clarinet District, which is connected to Kaval Meadow (which connects to the Tamtam Forest) and the Garmoni Mine District. In the Garmoni area you’ll find the Goddess’ Pond. There was once a divine tree in the middle of the Harvest Goddess’ pond. One day the tree began to weaken, the air became stagnant, and the living creatures
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Lion Attack!

An unlucky Maasai warrior gets chased and then pounced by a ferocious lioness, whom he and his fellow warriors cornered on some kopjes. He becomes seriously injured.
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Cheetah vs lion – BBC wildlife

A cheetah mother, Honey and her three young cubs are unwittingly about to bump into a lion. This cheetah however will not back down! From the BBC.

Panic, Protect the Wild Animals!
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Mountain Lion Encounter

Rare encounter with a mountain lion near Boulder, CO with a “Blair Witchy” ending.

Lion Decapitates Man as Visitors Look On In Horror.. Some People Never Learn!

Man trying to snap a photo gets too close to lion while on safari . Some people get too comfortable with wild animals. Lions are not cute stuffed animals and bears are not harmless little teddy bears. They will kill and eat your ass!

Lion Attacks Woman

Another instance of people ignoring the boundaries of common sense when it comes to wild animals. She’s lucky it wasn’t a full grown male… Another space saver for
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