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Sea Lions LIVE show at SeaWorld California

“Sea Lions LIVE,” SeaWorld’s newest sketch comedy show, stars the park’s prankster-loving pinnipeds Clyde and Seamore who poke fun at popular TV shows such as “American Idol,” with their own rendition known as “Sea Lion Idol” and “Dancing with the Pinnipeds” (a parody of “Dancing with the Stars”).

anderson cooper ,CNN talked with casey anthony defense atty lions

also known as the angel of death row – Blogs ac360.mp4 owned/copyrights of cnn and their affiliates
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California Sea Lions

Hear and see the California Sea Lions honking at the Georgia Aquarium.
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Lion’s mane jellyfish in a humiliating tangle of tentacles

Taken at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Jellyfish have no brain or nervous system, which is fortunate because these two would probably die of embarrassment.
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Sea Lions at Georgia Aquarium

Sea Lions at Georgia Aquarium. One runs into the other. Ooops.

Lions Mane Jelly Dance – Jellyfish as Art Monterey Aquarium

Lions Mane Jellyfish as Art meditation moment. Jellies pulse swim in cobalt and deep blue water at the Monterey Bay Aquairum in their Jellyfish as Art Exhibit. HD Video by SF BAY DIGITAL IMAGES from their medition moment collection, peaceful escapes around the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Baby Sea Lions Fighting

Baby Sea Lions Fighting at L’Oceangráfic in Valencia
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Two Lions and a Dog

Two lions and a dog live together in a zoo in Romania. Filmed by Michiko Yurko.

Georgia Aquarium Sea Lions- # 1

California Sea Lions at the Georgia Aquarium….Watch and hear as the California Sea Lion “Nav” vocalizes early in the morning to the biologist Trish at the Georgia Aquarium…then watch as the Sea Lions go through a feeding session
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This is lions at the MGM, Las Vegas

thay are like trained dogs!
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