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Turnigy 5000 mAh 3S Lipo Testing & Repair Questions | DOA from HobbyKing

Photos of Solder/Tabs here: It appears (by testing the balance leads) that the cells are ok. Appart from being low in voltage (2 cells under 3Volts, fault of HobbyKing) the solder connections to the cell tabs seem to be in good shape. I need help figuring out if its worth trying to repair this new pack (unsoldering, etc). I have done some soldering for battery connectors and such, but this is much more dangerous and has to be done very carefully. Yes, Im shook. ======================================= This is the second Turnigy (out of 3) that has arrived from HobbyKing with cells that cannot be read on my Hyperion charger. Could be bad luck, but I am reading a lot of negative comments about this brand online. It’s a gamble: pay half what you would normally pay from “reputable” manufacturers and risk getting a bad battery. You cannot rely on the warranty they give you as their customer service is hard to reach, specially by phone. If you have the luck of receiving a credit on a purchase you will not get any credit on shipping, like it happened to me after I returned the first bad battery and received another bad battery! Those shipping costs I paid are not refunded and when you receive a refund for the product, they credit your HobbyKing account, not your credit card. Sneaky. If you think that buying from their “US Warehouse” will save you a lot of trouble in terms of warranty and returns, forget it, you have to do warranty returns to Korea. This is

rc compilation, rc18t brushless lipo, bmx jumps.

compilation of rc car videos.

XRAY M18 running a Mamba on LiPo batteries

This XRAY M18 is an electric 1/18th 4WD RC touring car. The video shows the first laps we ran with LiPo batteries on a Mamba motor. The M18 is so fast we couldn’t really open up the car and keep it on the track.

Team Associated B4 with Brushless and LiPo

Testing out my B4 with my new LiPo! Heres the setup… Motor: Feigao 7S 5070kv ESC: Castle 1/10 Sidewinder Battery: Protek 2s1p 4000mAh 20-30c Gearing: 23/75 Charger: IMAX B6 Balance Charger The ESC is heating up pretty good. I installed a fan and it helped a little, but the temp is still up there. The battery and motor are warmer, but not that hot. This LiPo is a great buy. from Stay tuned for a Street run video! Thanks, maxxdout
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RC Setup Guide; Lipo conversion Vid 18 of 21

Check out Squirrels forum! This is a RCsetup guide series to show you 21 points of adjustment and tuning on any 1 and 1/10th scale RC. This guide can be used on electric, nitro, or any scale at all. This video deals with how to swap out NiMh cell hump packs for longer last lipo packs The video series contains the following points of adjustment: caster, camber, ackerman, down stops, ride height, toe, steering, servos, throttle servo, shocks, shock positions, kick up, wheel base, anti squat, clutches, gearing, differentials or diffs, rollbars, wing, brakes, and how to balance tires.
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best rc car crash 2 history ever fatal165 kmh mph lipo brushless accident associated tc4 brutal

the first version/video of this crash…….. months ago I uploaded another version……

Cheap RC car Lipo Mod

I put a lipo on a crappy little car. CoOl CaR VId:
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4c lipo + 10t brushed motor + rc10t = ONE FAST RC!!!!!

well i just wanted to see what a 4c 4000mah lipo would do in my first gen team truck :)

micro t very fast monster truck 3s lipo brushless 8750 castle speed control rc

well the timing needs work a little and the gear box is dry (needs oil) so i will add a new video after i fix it. I know that it will hit 55+ ; it did when it was first built. It hits about 48mph in this test run.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 EZRun Series Senor less Brushless Electronic Speed Control ESC + Brushless 10T-3650S- KV 3932 Motor & Program Card w/ 10 Programmable Modes

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