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The Logical Universe Theory E=MR

New theory on how the universe works. A Unification Theory that makes sense The secret to the Universe from quarks to black holes universe evolution give me 15 minutes I’ll give you the Universe
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Casey Anthony Case: A logical conclusion to the odd events:

After Dec 11, 2008 and the parents asking for immunity, from that point on it was easy to piece together and recognize the plot to frame her for the murder. What happened to Caylee is unknown, and especially likely that Casey would pass a poly when she says she doesn’t know what happened to Caylee. It is all speculation, but hindsight suggests the A’s were/are mixed up in some sort of schemes, because the leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. Anyway, Friends, that’s my take until the other shoe drops……. PS I think we can look forward to at least another performance from Cindy before the final curtain comes down Anthony’s IMMUNITY DEAL

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