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Thinking Out Loud – Angelina Jolie Talks, Avoids Prank from

During our exclusive interview, we make ‘The Tourist’ star Angelina laugh while talking on-set pranks and street fighting with Johnny Depp. She also asks if Break is going to prank her during this interview. We missed our chance…FAIL.

Laugh Out Loud (LOL)

Short comedy skits compiled together for the 2012 Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival – 72 Hour Filmmakers Showdown. Filmed on location in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Cast and crew include: Brydon Parker, John Warnock, Tim King, Alby, Greg Eymundson, Naomi Ford, Ira Hunter, Dave Currie. Supported by adrenalin and Bear Paw Honey Lager from the Whistler Brewery.

How To Make A Water Bottle Bomb (it just makes a rely loud sound)

Put about a cup of vinegar into a water bottle, next put about two tablespoons of baking soda in a sheet of paper towel and wrap it up tightly (I find paper towel works better than plastic wrap), Next drop the paper towel into the water bottle and screw on the lid as fast as you can, then shake it up and throw it down(I have tried throwing it up and it just cant get the momentum that it needs to explode). I recommend that you were safety glasses when you do this because the cap on the bottle shoots of very fast when it explodes. AND DO NOT THROW IT AT ANYONE. Thats it!
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Thinking Out Loud – Johnny Depp Talks Pranks, Street Fights

Acting legend / pirate, Johnny Depp recently sat down with Break in Paris to chat about his latest film The Tourist. Topics include pranks on set and a street fight with Angelina Jolie.
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Guy with Loud Air Horn on his Car

funny guy with a horn on his car. The video was made by a user named xRawlins.

Mustang GT Flowmaster Loud Exhaust

My buddy Brian’s very clean loud 2002 Mustang GT..”.Flowmaster Exhaust” , Xpipe , Shorty Headers, beautiful red ,nice cobra rims…he did it right…!

Girls Prank Their Dad and Scare Him With A Loud Noise – Funny Reality Video

Two girls decide to scare their father real good this time by grabbing some balloons and some packing material and making such a loud bang that their father thinks he is being attacked by the guys in the black suits and sunglasses Never thought a balloon could pop so loud that it would sound like the fourth of July. See their father’s reactions to this very loud and sudden noise. See why putting ornaments on a Christmas Tree is not always a safe thing to do when there is a pending prank. You may post your prank ideas as comments or video responses to this video. You may also post your prank comments or video responses to our other video as well by clicking on this link here: We will check both videos since there are still comments and video responses being posted there and here as well. You may also post comments to both videos if you want to. We made this video in mobile format as well so you can watch it on your mp3 player, ipod or ipad or cellular phone with a html browser or with Android. We use Sprint and Verizon services and we enjoy viewing our videos on those wireless devices. Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at: Royalty Free Music By Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 Have a great holiday and hope you all get to see your families and have a great time and have some great new gifts. Nothing like having new electronics fro the
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NZ What is This Loud NOISE IS IT HAARP? 2011

From America: We had a lot of calls early Wednesday evening, primarily from the area from Woodville to Crawfordville, about rumbling sounds that sounded like a freight train, with residents fearing it was a tornado. But, it was NOT. The leading edge of thunderstorms was well to the south by that time, and while there were still rumbles of thunder, the severe weather was over. It was certainly unusual, and for those residents – a bit scary, but it was not a funnel cloud or tornado. It was likely a phenomena called “ducting”, and the Tallahassee National Weather Service office addressed it in the special statement below. (Thanks Tallahassee NWS!) ———————————– SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE TALLAHASSEE FL 718 PM EST WED MAR 9 2011 JACKSON-CALHOUN-INLAND GULF-INLAND FRANKLIN-GADSDEN-LEON- INLAND JEFFERSON-LIBERTY-INLAND WAKULLA-COASTAL GULF-COASTAL FRANKLIN-COASTAL JEFFERSON-COASTAL WAKULLA-SEMINOLE-DECATUR-GRADY-THOMAS 718 PM EST WED MAR 9 2011 /618 PM CST WED MAR 9 2011/ …STRANGE SOUNDS BEING REPORTED ACROSS THE FLORIDA BIG BEND… THERE HAVE BEEN SEVERAL REPORTS OF VERY STRANGE SOUNDS FROM THE WOODVILLE AREA SINCE ABOUT 645 PM EST. THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE BELIEVES THIS PHENOMENON IS BEING CAUSED BY THUNDER FROM DISTANT LIGHTNING STROKES… BOUNCING OFF A VERY STABLE LAYER ABOVE THE GROUND. THIS IS CALLED DUCTING…AND CAN ALLOW SOUND TO TRAVEL UNUSUALLY LONG DISTANCES. THIS SOUND HAS BEEN MISTAKENLY ATTRIBUTED TO POSSIBLE
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What is This Loud NOISE?

**UPDATE** Check out the two links Below** I’m Thinking HAARP EXPERIMENT** Also this was posted on this link below : Last night I was surprised to see that the Tallahassee, FL, National Weather Service admitted that the returns on the radar were “military chaff”, not rain. This area got bombarded on Monday and yesterday. See the second paragraph below. FXUS62 KTAE 090203 AFDTAE AREA FORECAST DISCUSSION NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE TALLAHASSEE FL 903 PM EST TUE MAR 8 2011 …SEVERE STORMS POSSIBLE WEDNESDAY… .UPDATE… THE FORECAST FOR TONIGHT APPEARS TO BE ON TRACK WITH GRADUALLY INCREASING CLOUD COVER AND LOW TEMPERATURES RANGING FROM THE MID 50S OVER THE EASTERN FORECAST AREA TO NEAR 60 OVER THE WEST. A FEW SHOWERS COULD REACH THE WESTERN BORDER AREAS LATE TONIGHT BUT MOST OF THE SIGNIFICANT RAIN SHOULD HOLD OFF UNTIL DURING THE DAY ON WEDNESDAY. ALTHOUGH RADARS THIS EVENING ARE PICKING UP ECHOES ACROSS THE FORECAST AREA…THESE ECHOES ARE LIKELY THE RESULT OF MILITARY CHAFF AND NOT RAINFALL AS THERE IS CURRENTLY LITTLE CLOUD COVER WHERE THESE ECHOES ARE LOCATED. Tallahassee Florida, 3-09-2011.. Around 6:30 on. What is this noise??? We thought for sure it was a Tornado, But it never changed it’s position, and it lasted for well over 20 minutes or so… It was Soooo Loud, and it was shaking the house and the ground. I called 911, They said they didnt know what it was, But that there were MANY calls coming in about the noise. They said they were
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*****Very Loud Lexus!$$$

An awesome sound from a Lexus IS200! LISTEN!
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