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Trentemoller – Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go – Lulu Rouge ft. Abdullah S Remix

This is the Lulu Rouge Remix of Trentemoller’s “Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go” Visit FAT BERRI’S Blog ( for more music from Lulu Rouge and Trentemoller
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Filoche Flea Circus Part 2 “LULU “

Retrouvez votre ├óme d’enfant, animation poetique et humoristique……!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Link’s Vacation (remake) Part 6/13 – Great Bay/Mikau meets Lulu

They’re going to Great Bay. They were haveing fun, untill a storm came. Mikau gets zapped by lightning. Mikau meets Lulu and talks with her in a “That 70s Show circle.”

Dominic and Lulu 12/15/09 Scenes

Lucky shows up at Lulu and Maxie’s place-Dante is already there.Dante tells Lucky that Lulu isn’t too happy with them.Lucky tells Dante that now that he knows he is a cop,he approves of him with Lulu,so long as he keeps her safe and happy.Dante says Lulu is great girl,but he’s not sure if she likes him or not.Dante and Lucky jump into work.Lucky tells Dante that Franco creates the art,then makes it happen in real life.Dante says “Wow.We are dealing with one sick puppy here.” Lucky says yeah.Lulu and Maxie show up at Franco’s and Lulu says breaking and entering is not a good idea.Maxie says Franco took compromising photos of her,and she needs to find them and delete them.they enter into Franco’s studio and ask if he’s there.Lulu says she has a bad feeling about this.Lucky says there are 4 unsolved murders and each reflect on Franco’s work.Dante says that life is imitating art.Lucky says he believes they are dealing with a serial killer.Lulu shuts the door and Maxie gets jumpy.Lulu says she wants to call Lucky before this gets weirder.Maxie says it’s not weird,it’s artistic.Lulu says there is no way that Maxie doesn’t find it creepy.Maxie admits it’s a bit scary,but she needs to get Franco to do the photo shoot and destroy the pictures.Lulu says Maxie doesn’t expect much,does she?Maxie says she won’t get either til she checks it out first.Lulu sees stuff on the chalkboard and asks what this is.She says it’s all about Jason.Maxie says it makes sense,since Jason is a criminal

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