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North Carolina Ghost Stories 1: Light at Maco Station

North Carolina Ghost Stories 1: Light at Maco Station – The old railway grade is just behind the Mobil gas station at the junction of US74/76 and NC 87. The railroad removed the track in 1977. The old railway grade parallel to US Highway 74/76 is still evident, but requires some trailblazing to manage, and has been partly developed for housing and business. Maco is now a busy crossroads. The Maco Light was a mysterious light that resembled the glow from a lantern. Joe Baldwin was the sole occupant of the rear car of a Wilmington-bound train on a rainy night in 1867. As the train neared Maco, Baldwin realized the car had become detached from the rest of the train. He knew another train was following, so he ran to the rear platform and frantically waved a lantern to signal the oncoming train. The engineer failed to see the stranded railroad car in time, and Baldwin supposedly was decapitated in the collision.

Maco V58, Diamond F23A, and the Antenna Farm

Maco V5000 (V58), tuned for 10m, about 31 ft off the ground Diamond F23A 2m vertical Homebrew 5-el 2m yagi 40 ft Rohn AX tower It’s a work in progress, so bare with me here. In the near future, I plan on putting up a 10-80m dipole (I need to ask my neighbor if I can borrow their tree), and an inverted-L for 160m. I also plan on putting up a 3el 10m yagi on the bottom of the tower. I still need to get my hands on a durable little rotor, as well as a spool of coaxial cable.
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The granite monolith of Half Dome is recognized throughout the world as an icon of Yosemite National Park. Thousands of visitors hike to the summit each year, rewarded with spectacular views and an experience that is not easily forgotten.
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Louise catches a Maco shark

Louise catches a Maco shark off shore of San Diego 12-23-06.

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