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Very good keylogger + prank virus in one ! sehr guter keylogger + prankvirus in einem! download + my webside :

greatest drunk youtube video ever made

http:/ DAILY EPISODES – SUBSCRIBE – MAIN PAGE : The best web videos provides some humor for you when your are nice and drunk, or stone sober.

Touhou “Virus” – A Cirno Media Player made by the Fandom (w/ Download Link)

This is a Media Player I made in C#. It was intended to be another prank virus for a videotutorial, but suddenly it turned to be a media player featuring Cirno dancing. The download link is here: It’s just a beta version, and I really don’t know what will I do with it. I pretend to make a small, compact and funny media player with a desktop buddy. Source code may be provided with the first stable version (maybe). Don’t forget to read the readme file! The application was entirely made in C#. Notice this is not a virus. The tutorial was for this:
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Home Made Fireworks

Fireworks gone wrong
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Nephew Tommy Oops I Made a Mistake

(not so) Scary Virus Prank (made in VB)

Somehow I spent 5 hours to make this prank rogue-antivirus. You know, the ones you get that say you must pay to continue and instead of anti-virus they are called real viruses. Well, this one is just a prank. Lost the SourceCode, but it’s easy to make it. Download link:
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Hand made fake bloody tampon

A real tampon covered with fake blood. Easily portable and easy to make. Obtain tampon, obtain fake blood, combine, ???? Profit!
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Funny Prank – home made bomb

the chippy from my wearhouse has made a boobie trap. it is made with a drain pipe and a high preshure compress and a huge amount of sawdust.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Hot Girl Made Hotter with Ghost Chili Prank

John puts the hottest pepper in the world on Nikki’s pizza. Check out Break for more hot pepper pranks: See more from Nikki and John:
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home made STINK BOMB!!

I made a simple home made stink bomb. You don’t have to follow my exact instructions with the remote detonation.If you don’t have an electronic ignition system or the little glow ignitors themselves you can leave one end open and lite that or you can find them at your local hardware store and ask them where there rocket selection is. Or if you are lazy and you want the launch controller go to this link : Ifyou have any questions about this video or any of our other videos you have three ways of contacting us. #1. Make a video response to the video of ours that you have any questions about. #2. Send us an email at #3. Find us on Facebook at URL:
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