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I wanna get married P-3 ali comcast

this guy is mad funny! check out all parts to his plays
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Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call- We Want To Get Married

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call

Girl Finds Out Boyfriend is Married On Radio 93.7 “The Edge”

Got This From He Loves Me Not Claim: A woman discovers on a call-in radio show that her boyfriend is married. Status: True. Origins: If anything could be worse than finding out that your lover has been cheating on you, it would be for such a discovery to take place in front of a large audience — an audience to whom you’d just affirmed your confidence in your lover’s fidelity. Even worse would be if you were the discovered cheater, and the revelation of your unfaithfulness occurred in front of an eavesdropping public as well. Both those scenarios are precisely what happened to two Minnesota residents named Kim and Greg on Andy Savage’s radio program Radio (aired on the now-defunct Minneapolis station KEGE 93.7, better known as The Edge) in 1996. A 25-year-old woman named Kim phoned in to take part in a scheme called “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not,” in which callers who suspected their lovers of fooling around behind their backs gave Savage contact information, and he employed various ruses to try to catch out the straying sweethearts. Kim had been going out with a man named Greg for about a year, she said. Since Greg lived in Duluth, which was quite a distance away (over 150 miles) from Kim’s home near Minneapolis, they saw each other only on weekends. Alarm bells should have been going off already, but Kim swore she had “absolutely no reason” to suspect Greg had been messing around on her. “I know he loves me,” she told Savage quite confidently. (“Then this
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Re: WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) (WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!!)

WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) This video is a link to their actual wedding vlog. Thanks so much, and don’t forget to check me out on the links below! MAIN CHANNEL WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) ctfxc internet killed tv charles trippy television alli zoey marley charlestrippy we the kings tour bus disaster cops scared running tickets skimboarding poop birds pranks zombie girls hoard girl pretty princess bride ctfxcwedding wedding
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This might be my favorite one guys. While we were out in Ohio, I went into a local Wal-Mart and after I pranked this guy, he set up his wife to get pranked! By the way Ladies…and Guys…”I’M MARRIED”!

It’s All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married)

Satire. Songs available on iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, eMusic, MusicNet, Sony Connect. Music video of Oded Gross’ song It’s All Because (The Gays Are Getting Married). Video directed by Morgan Nichols. For more on Oded Gross check out
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Rabbits Get Married

Two giant bunnies rabbits hop down the aisle.
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Frogs Get Married

At this froggy wedding, everyone’s hoping it will rain.

Guinness World Records Reveals America’s Tallest Married Couple Guinness World Records Reveals America’s Tallest Married Couple. WIth a combined height measuring more than 13 feet and 4 inches tall.
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