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College Prank: Duct Tape Mattress under Bed

Our wing of our dorm decided to duct tape one our friends mattress to the bottom on his bed haha look for the video of his coming back to see his mattress gone!
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Downhill Mattress Race full funny videos college prank ideas college door pranks college april

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Water prank in a mattress showroom

These guys setup a fake bed over a pool of water. It’s pretty simple, when the people go to lay on the bed… they get soaked. Pretty funny.
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Dad launches daughter Off the Mattress!!

Roy Wood Jr Prank Call- Cruise Ship Mattress

So this couple took a cruise a while back. Nothing like accusing a black woman of pissing in a mattress to send her up the wall. I call them to let them know someone messed up the living quarters on their ship.
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air mattress 2

holly makes krista hump the air mattress
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Mattress Prank

My roommate and I thought it would be funny to smash our friend in between two mattresses.
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Missing Mattress

At church camp, I know its long but its hilarious.Created on July 11, 2009 using FlipShare.

Mattress Store Prank – Sit ‘n Sleep

Do you have LAs Worst Mattress? If so, go to right now! Sit n Sleep is giving away lots of brand new mattresses to the owners of LAs Worst Mattresses. If you think your mattress is the oldest, has the worst tear and wear, sag, or stain, this is your chance to make your nightmares disappear. Simply upload a 30-90 second video showing us why you have LAs Worst Mattress and you could also win the chance to compete in Sit n Sleeps 0000 cash giveaway sweepstakes. 5 mattresses will be awarded in total, with a value of over 000!!! Once youve uploaded your video, be sure to share it with friends and family, and tell them to vote for you once everyday in order to propel your video into the Top Five vote getters. You could be the proud winner of a brand new mattress! Enter here, and good luck! The contest starts today! Camera used: Canon XHA1 and Flipcam

LAN Party 5 a sleeping gamer on a mattress gets messed with.

Never fall asleep with a bunch of gamers around. Or teanage boys for that matter. This kids get the worst of it. Although, I’ve seen much worse in person. Once a friend of mine got a penis drwan on his face, well like 10 of them. He woke up in the middle of the night drunk and walked hom, stopped at the 24hr tacobell and well. Everyone laughed at the dude. Hilarious.
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