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Miami Zombie Attack Prank! (Behind The Scenes)

Miami Zombie Prank! (Behind The Scenes) SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS! Follow me on: Follow my fan page: FILM CREDITS: Jon Van:

Prank Call Fidel Castro Hugo Chávez Enrique Santos miami

June 18, 2003 “Santos and Ferrero’s Castro Call” Two Miami Radio hosts called Cuban President Fidel Castro and fooled him into thinking Hugo Chavez was calling. Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero from WXDJ-FM, used real soundbites from Chavez and played them over the phone in a simulated conversational manner Download: Right click to download as MP3 file select “save target as” Translation and transcript: The following is a translated transcript of an audiotape made of a prank phone call placed by Miami radio announcers Enrique Santos and Joe Ferrero. They say the call was made to Fidel Castro and tricked him into responding to snippets of a recording of President Hugo Chavez. They call a Havana number for the Office of Exterior Relations and the call is answered by a woman named Olga. They explain to her that President Hugo Chavez wants to speak to Fidel Castro. They want to know if she can connect them. Olga: “One moment. It seems that they are establishing a communication through another line. Maybe we can establish a bridge. Explain this to the president.” The DJs pretend to explain this to Chavez. Recorded Chavez: “Yes, yes. Correct.” Olga: “We’ve just made a communication. One moment President. You will hear some music but it’s only for a few seconds. It’s just to transfer you. One moment. I’m transferring you.” Chavez: “Yes, yes. Of course.” Voice identified as Castro: “Hello.” Ferrero, pretending to be a Chavez aide: “Lt. Camilo is speaking.” Another person named

Miami Zombie Attack Prank (funny)

Guy dressed Up as a zombie decides to scare people in miami. Prank goes wrong when the people decides to attack him.

Miami Vacation

when back to miami to see my family and have fun when to south beach, did alot of pranks berr competition etc.
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Cars of Miami Beach – South Florida Cars Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the South Florida cars series! For part 2 of 2 of this mini series, I combine all the clips I managed to get from Miami Beach. Its such an amazing experience for a car spotter because you do not stop seeing amazing cars! I come from Atlanta, Georgia, and that’s already pretty good to see some nice cars, but Florida Doesn’t even compare. Some of the Clubs, Hotels, and restaurants over there are jaw dropping because of the cars parked in front. Also, if you look at around 2:27, you’ll see that there are three Ferraris, not just the 599:) I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it! My Facebook Page! –

NFS Shift 2 Unleashed: Race in Miami [Gameplay]

Got the game yesterday annd I have one thing to say…Amazing. This is by far the most realistic racing game I have ever seen. But is that a good or a bad thing? Guess you will need to buy the game on 3/29/11 to find out….. Want a smexy looking controller? Buy a pair of KontrolFreeks™ with my link and receive a Discount!
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Star Island, Miami Beach

A quick tour of the back side of the Rich and Famous homes on Star Island, Miami Beach. First off you’ll see Gloria and Emilio Estafan’s home comprised of 2 lots; one of the homes on the lot is actually a recording studio. Soon after that you’ll see a yellow 2 story house that used to belong to Shaq. He was selling that house for 24M, but dropped it down to a basement bargain price of 18M. We whisk you around to Phillip Frost’s beautiful home, the largest of the homes on this prestigious island. Mr. Frost made his money in the pharmaceuticals owning IVAX, the largest generic drug company. The last house on this island is P. Diddy’s home; you can’t see his house from the water but what you will see is a beautiful Tiki hut. His privacy wall and landscape is really well done and leaves much to the imagination.

Billionaire Phillip Frost’s home on Star Island, Miami Beach Florida

Billionaire Phillip Frost owns this amazing estate on Star Island in Miami Beach. His neighbors include Gloria Estefan, Shaquille O’Neil, and P. Diddy. Vanilla Ice used to live on this island years ago in the 80s in the height of his stardom. This estate is over 268000 sq ft, and has its’ own green house and gardens. Since he has no kids, it was said that he will donate this house to the State after he passes.
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Casey Anthony case Defense attorney Jose Baez wants client’s trial moved to Miami OrlandoSentinel com

“Loco in Miami” Hidden Camera Pranks in Public (stupid funny)

Rowzman of BustaGut Tv starts with a special thanks to one of BustaGut’s biggest fans the great El Brookman!!! He then bounces around town pranking people in public…well not actually “pranking,” but confusing people with his outrageous stupidity!!! Crazy, insane, loco, with a splash of retarded is what we do best!!! I talk long big with great understandingments…and judial curdly’s of fecicious monstrosities!!! Ummm…The End!!!

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