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miss cleo prank call #2

this is like one of my favrite prank cals i have done.. the guy goes along with it … so funny .
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Rickey Smiley “WE MISS ROBERT”

Rickey Smiley jokes about a rapper coming to a funeral to get a record deal. SUBSCRIBE NOW TO THE WALTER LATHAM COMEDY CHANNEL; FOLLOW ON TWITTER LIKE OUR FACEBOOK FAN PAGE Only on the Walter Latham Comedy Channel will you find Mo’Nique, Queens of Comedy, Bernie Mac in the Original Kings of Comedy, George Lopez in the Latin Kings of Comedy, and P Diddy in the Bad Boys of Comedy. But that’s not all…we just wrapped production on a ground breaking sexually appealing comedy show like none of it’s kind. Hosted by the lovely Jenna Jameson, Trina, Rosa Acosta and Carolina Catalino. This show features over 30 of the hottest comics working the stage today. Plus the King of Prank Phone Calls Rickey Smiley, the Kings of Parody’s Affion Crockett and the African King of Comedy Michael Blackson will all bring their talents to this channel exclusively. So click that subscribe button above our video and be the first to see all of the great classics as well as the new originals we’re bringing starting in July 2012. WWW.WALTERLATHAM.COM
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Soundboard Prank Call Miss Cleo Calls a Cable Company

Soundboard Prank Calling Miss Cleo Calls a Cable Company and more Have Fun Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe (if you want ) ^_^ ========================== List of my websites:- http http http http http
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Ned – Ol’ Miss Prank Call

Ned from the Bubba the Love Sponge show pranks the Ol’ Miss Rebel hotline.
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Miss cleo calls dell part 2- prank call

Hi. This is the second miss cleo prank call to dell. yeah im addicted to this now so check back later for more. How many prank calls I am going to upload next: 2
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The Mr. Men Show – Miss Naughty’s Naughtiest Prank Ever

Miss Naughty in the library. Not to read books, but to start mischief.
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Heroes–Zeroes Trailer1 DON’T MISS EPISODES 1 thru 4! HD funny movies college pranks dorm funny

Heroes–Zeroes Trailer1 DON’T MISS EPISODES 1 thru 4! HD funny movies college pranks dorm funny april fools pranks good april fools joke new strip guys Movie Heroes, Zeroes, Fist, Cheerleader, Tongue, Kick, Head, Foot, Parody, Ordinary, Abilities, nbc

Z100 April Fool’s Miss Cleo Prank Call

Happy April Fool’s Day!!! Use the Miss Cleo Sound Board to film your own Prank Calls as a responce video!!! Enjoy!!!
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Miss Cleo Calling

Prank calls

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