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Jelly fish Monterey Aquarium

Summer vacation and a day of discovery with Audrey. 7/08 Video by: John Minar

Sea otter feeding Monterey aquarium

The sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium get fed. This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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monterey aquarium – california

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Teags at Monterey Aquarium

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UFOs over Monterey

Paul Dale Roberts and his HPI Investigators look into reported UFO sightings over Monterey Bay. He interviews Malik Jamerson IE Scoob Nitty and Alexis Ramos on their recent experiences and sightings.

Day In Monterey

Going to the aquarium and the playground.
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A day in Monterey part 1/3

On June,1 2010 my college/cosplay friends went to Monterey Bay aquarium and the beach for a day of relaxing after finals. I recorded the whole thing and the movie ended up being waaaaay too long, so I cut out a lot of unimportant things that I thought were boring, but they will be added in our cosplay channel (when we get one and figure out a name). Anyway, enjoy me and my cosplay friends randomness at excitment. And yes: we act really ridculous ^____^ Friends that came: Emi-chan (me): Ivone (cookiesquee): Kelly (HowlsGirl): Jordin (Tamaki-san) Austin (Nekosawa) Kat (Kitty) Kristian Shane Sal Nit-kit Lisa Friends that didn’t come: Lulu-chan (my little sister) Flavio-kun Raquel (sweetheartames): Hope you all enjoy and please subscribe 😀

More jellyfish at Monterey Aquarium

Here are more jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Audio from YouTube AudioSwap (Genre: Electronica, Artist: gillies, Track: Told)

Purple Blue Jelly Fish at Monterey aquarium

Purple Blue Jelly Fish at Monterey aquarium

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