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Zip Line in the Smoky Mountains

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Anthony trial Mountains of evidence

Could Cindy Anthony’s 911 call be what convicts her own daughter? HLN’s Dr. Drew takes a closer look. Jurors watch graphic new video in Casey Anthony trial

Usher – Moving Mountains

Music video by Usher performing Moving Mountains. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 2145515 (C) 2008 LaFace Records
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Qinling Mountains China ufo many objects

Original video quality is really crappy so is not easy to analize and see all of the objects, this’s what i found so far.

Alien Invaders In The Himalaya Mountains?

The Dropas and The Han Tribes…

Stunning new UFO sighting on NYC flight over Appalachian mountains 10/13/10

Incredible new UFO footage caught on tape from passenger window on flight from Canada to New York City.

Ys Oath in Felghana Nightmare mode playthrough part 11 : Elderm Mountains

First, to my gamefaqian followers, you won’t be seeing me on the boards for a while, since I got my usermap axed, meaning all my accounts are banned. Fun stuff, but deserved. Anyway, I hate this place and I hate all those enemies. But first, I know I missed a few things in there, but I wanted to get that vid out of the way for the next boss fight. There’s a chest with Raval very early in there you can get by jumping down, it’s not too hard to find. And near the very end, you can reach a pot with plenty of gold in it by going through a hidden passage in the cliff. You can barely see it. Anyway, new enemies here. Those pig orc things are pretty strong and can take quite a bit of punishment. They have a double attack, can jump, and WILL follow you around if you don’t get rid of them. Second, those underground worm things. Avoid them, jump over them, they’re not worth killing and it’s hard not to get it. If you insist on killing them, try to make them jump, step back and whirlwind the shit out of them. Those bees can hit hard, but they’re weak to either fire or wind, so they die fast. The blade throwing plants aren’t worth noting, there’s only a handful of them and they’re easy to avoid. Then you’ve got those weird animals with a helmet. They’re weak, but their dash attack hits hard. Nothing much more to say. The real deal is next vid, with a nice boss battle that I like a lot.

i found a very weird thing in my backyard and i want to catch it this is my documentary on it that i will sell
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UFO Recorded 8-14-2010 on mobile phone in NC Mountains

www.FunToWatch.TV August 14 2010 Live Video Phone Record. What is it?

UFO Ural Mountains bordering Siberia, Russia.

The astonishingly clear daytime UFO footage below was captured in the wilderness between Perm and Sverdlovsk in the Ural Mountains bordering Siberia, Russia. This UFO event occurred sometime in September of this year. The video which shows what appears to be a close-by spherical UFO seemingly under intelligent control darting back and forth mid-air. The witness claims to be a local devoted UFO hunter who has been to this specific area many times to hunt for UFOs. He is clearly excited as he finally sees and films his elusive prey.

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