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Girlfriend Mouse Trap Prank

Now the real question is: what did homeboy to make her pull a stunt like this? Prankster – Bringing you the best pranks on YouTube
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Fake Mouse Prank free funny films pranks at home pranks to pull pranks and gags baby film

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Download Very Fun & Funny Computer Start Button Prank Trick Your Friends (Start Button Avoids Mouse)

Download It Here: With this fun joke program you can make your Windows Start button avoid your mouse clicks. Just launch this program and watch as your Start button jumps away from your mouse cursor as you try and click on it. This program will bring hours of enjoyment to any office jester. Slip this program on your bosses computer and listen to him scream. Download it for free here and enjoy:
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Mouse Trap Floor Of Hell

Intard Ringwald pays the price for being pussywhipped
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Praying Mantis Attacks Mouse Cursor

Top TV Shows Based on Paul McCartney in St. Petersburg, Paul McCartney: Back in the US, Paul McCartney: Going Home, Paul McCartney: Put It There, Paul McCartney’s Standing Stone, Paul McCartney’s Working Classical, Paul Newman: Hollywood’s Charming Rebel, Paul Reiser: Out On a Whim, Paul Revere: The Midnight Rider, Paul Robeson: Speak of Me as I Am, Paul Rodriguez & Friends: Comedy Rehab, Paul Rodriguez: Back to School, Paul Rodriguez: Behind Bars, Paul Rodriguez: Crossing Gang Lines, Paul Rodriguez: Idiots and Armadillos, Paul Simon: Solo, Paul Simon: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Paula Abdul: Under My Spell, Paula Poundstone Goes to Harvard, Paula Poundstone: Look What the Cat Dragged In, Paula Zahn Now, Paula’s Home Cooking, Pauly, Pavarotti in Paris

Office Prank Mouse Trap Monitor from Cubicle Warfare

Best office College Prank ever Monitor Trap: Difficulty level 5 1)Cut a metal coat hanger, and bend it into shap 2)use cardboard to construct the launching platform for the paper hole punches 3)Fasten the mousetrap to the back of the monitor and then tie the fishing line to the mouse cord. 4)Delicately pour a small pile of paper hole punches onto the platform. 1 of 100’s of illustrated pranks found in the book!
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Mice love Cheese Animation-Dancing Mouse Sings To The Cheese

mouse sings to cheese then……just watch….
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Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy Vs. The Lonesom Ghosts and The Ghostly Trio

The Lonesom Ghosts Say They Have No Fun No More, So The Ghostly Trio Taught Of A Way To Have A Fun TIme, Scare Some Mortels hahaha, So The Pranks Call Mickey, Donald and Goofy The Ghostbusters and Invite For Some Scare Fun

Mouse In Walmart Candy Bag

This one was recorded over a year ago (Halloween 2008) Jared prank calls a Walmart and tells them a mouse is inside the candy bag that he bought. If you want to request your own prank phone calls to be done by Friday Night Cranks then go to and click on requests
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YDL- Dead Mouse Prank

I personally don’t play pranks on people with grenade launchers. Funny pics: Twitter: Facebook:
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