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Magic Circle Mime Company – “The Mozart Experience ” Japan

A mime performance with symphony orchestra. An impetuous street musician is caught playing the orchestras grand piano. Much to her surprise the conductor does not scold her but instead offers her the chance to be Mozart for this program about the famous composer. The street musician and her prankster companion must now confront dilemmas and opportunities similar to those faced by Mozart, and in doing so they lead the audience in experiencing Mozart’s life as a very human story as well as a great musical adventure.
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Fail CANDY Human BLOOD for KIDS! Funny Video Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Funny lol Video- Halloween Prank Scary Candy FUNNY Toy Product Review video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia . . . . QUESTION OF THE DAY; . . . . . Is this Funny Candy too EXTREME for a Pharmacy to sell to KIDS? . . . .Can You Invent OTHER Funny Candies with the Same Bizarre TWIST? This Funny Video features a Real Halloween 2008 Candy Toy Product Sold at Walgreen’s Store Pharmacy Chain in the USA. These are VERY REALISTIC IV Blood Transfusion Bags filled with VERY Realistic funny Candy Liquid Human Blood sold to Children. Check out all my Funny Toy Review Videos on My YouTube Channel JeepersMedia
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YouTube Accounts Being STOLEN ! News Report Video by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

This is NOT a JeepersMedia Funny Fail Toy Video! This is to warn EVERYONE on YouTube of a Scam to Steal Your YouTube Video Account to use it to STEAL Your You Tube Account and use it Scam Other YouTube Users! This is Regarding a Message sent to Mike Mozart’s JeepersMedia YouTube Account as a “Phishing” Message. This is an IMPORTANT Investigative WARNING News Video, NOT one of Mike Mozart’s Funny Fail Toy Videos! Click here to see those:
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Goosebumps HorrorLand Board game Win or FAIL by Mike Mozart

Odd GooseBumps Horror Land Board Game 1990’s Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel on YouTube Funny board game. Based on the Goosebumps Books! It’s a Very Flimsy Punch out and Assemble Game!
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Mozart Papagei EXTREM Funny

Mozart Papagei EXTREM Funny activism, advertising, alcohol, alternative-news, ancient-history, animals, animation, anime, architecture, arts, astronomy, atheist, bizarre, blogs, books, buddhism, business, cars, cartoons, cats, celebrities, christianity, classic-rock, clothing, comedy-movies,…
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Dora the Explorer AquaPet FAIL TOYS Funny Naughty Dora Toy Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia

Epic Fail Funny Video- Naughty Dora the Explorer “FAIL TOY” AquaPet Funny Video Fail Toy Product Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia. Dora the Explorer Fail Toy with a very funny and “Unusual Shape! This is one of Mike Mozarts most Viewed Funny Video Fail Toy Review Videos Ever! This is a Fair Use Video, Funniest Video Ever of a Hilarious LMAO FAIL TOY by Michael Mozart of Jeepers Media on YouTube Check out alkl my OTHER Fail Dora the Explorer toys on TheToyChannel on YouTube Don’t Miss Mike Mozart’s Funny FAIL Toy Review of the Epic Fail Imaginex Dinosaurs by Fisher Price with the inappropriate triggers.

WTF- Mozart the Musical Hamster

Check out the Top 10 Animal Oddities! Visit Meet Mozart the musical hamster. The only thing this hamster loves more than music is popcorn, and Mozart will not be interrupted while feasting!
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It’s called ‘Mexican gold fish’: fish with legs!! This could be the transition from being a fish to an amphibian! It’s for sale, at Dandenong day market.

Shrek the Third Six FAIL Food Products Review by Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia Epic

FAIL Shreck Food Review Grocery Stores are turning Shrek the Third Green This Summer! Yes! Shrek the Third Licensed Epic Fail Food Products are Swarming Throught The Grocery Stores, Fighting for position against the Other Licensed Food Army…Spiderman Three Licensed Foods! FUNNY Product and Comedy Parody Toy Review by Michael “Mike” Mozart of Famous JeepersMedia Jeepers Media. Shrek the Third foods now on store shelves are more a Parody of Shrek the third movie rather than run of the mill licensed products! I understand that Merlin the Magician is going to take over the villain role from Fairy God Mother. Mike Myers As Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots and Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona still are the Feature Voices. I Shrek the Third Licensed Products I Review; Swamp Pops by Nestle, Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles with Shrek Characters Printed Right on each Waffle! Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Prince Charming, Puss and Boots, The Shrek “Horns” logo’ and more! Cheetos Corn Snacks, Yeah the ones featuring Chester Cheetah! You eat the Orange Cheetos and your tongue turns Shrek Green! It’s the last and best Shrek The Third Movie review of stupid products on my video! I review the New Shrek Swamped M&M’s The M&M’s Guys, Blue and Red, must be sick at this new Promotion this summer! I also Review Shrek the Third Push Pops and a Noisey, fun candy Shrek Lollipop! Be the First to see this amazing preview of Cool Shrek the Third the Movie Licensed Products. Some of
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RAINFOREST Cafe WILD ANIMALS and Jungle Habitat! by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel

Cool! The Rainforest Cafe in Westfarms Mall in West Hartford/ Farmington Connecticut with Mike Mozart of Thetoychannel.

Amanda goes with Granny & Poopaw to see the wild animals
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FAIL TOY Spiderman Spider-man Itsy Bitsy FUNNY Toy Review Mike Mozart

FAIL TOY Spider-man Bizarre FUNNY New Product for Preschoolers Reviewed by Michael “Mike” Mozart the Product Guru of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media. One of the most bizarre spiderman Licensed Spider Man Toy Products ever created. It’s almost a Spiderman Parody. I haven’t seen the Spider-man 3 movie trailer yet, but I’m certain this is nothing like Spiderman or Peter Parker. Hi……Thank You for watching my Funny Comedy Parody Toy and Product Review videos! I am Mike Mozart, Your Fail Toy and Product review Guru of JeepersMedia Jeepers Media on You Tube. Fails Failure Failed
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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