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Metal Mulisha at Big Nasty 2008

Metal Mulisha (Justin Homan) and Cleavland at the Big Nasty 2008 doing some freestyle.

Metal Mulisha Motorcycle Jumps, Garland, Hagy & Agee

Metal Mulisha Motorcycle Jumps, Garland, Hagy & Agee Here’s a clip that got lost for six months Another part of the the show at Journeys Backyard B’bq tour was motorcycle jumping by the Metal Mulisha team. And the windy city lived up to it’s name when the boys rode into nearby Burbank Illinois in May. Wes Agee, Derrick Garland and Ryan Hagy still put on a great display of Indian grabs, KOD, whips, flips and other assorted tricks. Over 50 of them in this little clip. For more information and videos by the Meatal Mulisha team here’s a link to their site; www.metalmulisha.comMindsiMedia is an Internet broadcaster with a series of YouTube channels under development. We also offer HD video production in the Chicago area. For more information contact Visit our web portal at; Other video sites. MindsiMedia / Music, visual art Mindsi2 / Politics and history 1Future21 / Renewable energy for a better world ChicagoHarleyWorld / Learn how to save 20% BlagoVision / American politics

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