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Just For Laughs – The Murder Lady Video

Just For Laughs – The Murder Lady Video


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Wal-Mart Male Betta Fish Murder!

I was checking out some male Betta fighting fish at Wal-Mart and saw that 5 out of 6 of them were dead. High cost of low prices.
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REAL MURDER CAUGHT ON TAPE REAL MURDER CAUGHT ON TAPE Man is murdered while attempting to pull a prank on television. Real footage of man getting murdered caught on tape.

The Murder Scene Call on the Bob and Tom Show,

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Tom Mabe Murder Scene Prank Call This is from my CD Mabe In America. You can find it at or iTunes
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Sling Blade calls a Priest to confess a murder (prank call)

The only thing I did was add the pictures. This is a prank call using sound effects from the sling blade movie. The guy who made this prank call has videos here
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Prank – Murder “Caught On Tape” Faces Of Death Prank

Google+ FaceBook While doing a vlog in my old neighborhood I decided to show the folks where I used to go fishing. Along the way I came across a decapitated head laying on the side of the railroad tracks. After freaking out and running back across the old railroad bridge I end up falling and learning the truth behind the detached head. I was in fear for my life! . . Pranksters wanted! Do you like to prank people? Do you like to watch others being pranked? Go ahead and grab your camera and record your friends watching this video, or choose from a playlist of videos once you catch one of your friends on camera getting the wits scared out of them (because its funny), go ahead and post that video as a response to the video you pranked them with. I will then share with all my subscribers so everyone can have some epic lols. Subscribe to be apart of the fun Follow along on Facebook for behind the scenes updates might as well throw twitter in there too. CLICK THE BUTTON TO READ MORE VERY IMPORTANT INFO ON —————————–Screamer Videos now has a Facebook Fan page, come join and scare the crap out of people be sure to catch their reactions on video! Then post it on YouTube as a video response. I will share all video responses! The Screamer please subscribe Add me on Facebook Follow me
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The Telemarketer 3 – A Cold Call Case Murder

calls from the same telemarketing quality assurance tape, sometime in the late 90’s ( yes i was eventually fired!)
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Casey Anthony Indicted on Capital Murder Charges – Reports, Charges Explained, Baez Appears Unhappy

Case Anthony, mother of 3 year old Caylee Marie Anthony the missing toddler from Orlando Florida has been indicted on capital murder charges plus 6 other counts. This video presents reports about the charges, a reading of the charges with explanations and a snap-shot of Jose Baez’s apparent frustration as he considers cancelling a news conference for unnamed reasons.
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