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Jeff Dunham and Walter Arguing with Myself

Jeff Dunham and Walter Arguing with Myself honestly he is one of the most original comedians these days !
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Join our new facebook: Our old one is getting “archived”. Boo! I Google Myself written by Erik Weiner and Jordan Allen-Dutton music by Mark Weiner (aka Yung Mars) VISIT THE CREATORS HERE: VISIT THE CRIB: www.OMOVIES.COM Be our friend with benefits on Myspace We loved this video and so we contacted the creators and asked if we could feature it on our channel. They said yes. Enjoy!

Me, Myself & Irene – Quantum Physics

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Arnold Pranks : Myself and two other of my co-worker calling everyone in our contacts

using arnold pranks soundboard at work calling every single one in our phone contacts

Hallelujah As Played By Myself – Backing Tune And Editing Through GarageBand 11′

Just Messing Around With GarageBand ’11 of iLife 11′
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Piercing myself

Angel bites snake bites
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I pierced my Lip myself…

so after i came down from a dumb powertrip i realized i really like my piercings! so i redid em… myself Yay me! Check Out Me bestie in Brooklyn!
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I Will Never Leave You – [duet with myself]

inspired by this track from sideshow, i decided to record myself as siamese-twins…sooo… this is the un-editted raw version. a prettier one is coming soon.
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i don’t trust myself with loving you

drunk. i love john mayer. i WILL marry him.

Jeff Dunham – Arguing with Myself [3 of 7]

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