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Nasty Computer Prank

a prank to pull on your friends or enemies! Makes a windows computer shutdown right when they log on!
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Girls Prank Their Dad With Spray – They Gave Him a Nasty Drink (Funny Reality Video)

Two girls keep getting even with their dad pulling more pranks on him. See what kind of thing they spray all over their dad when he is taking a nap then see what they put in his drink that makes him freak out coughing and spitting. If I was not cleaning up the sidewalk and basement with bleach during my second round outside I would have probably smelled the vinegar but as we all know how your sense of smell is diminished when you clean too much with bleach. All I could smell was bleach mixed with a slight smell of glade cherry flavor aromatic plugin air fresheners that we have all over the house. Post a video response or comment below and let us know what kind of pranks have been done to you and also if you have some good prank ideas feel free to post them here as well. We will pick the best idea and then use it in our next prank video. The person who comes uop with the winning idea will also be featured on our channel of the week program. Audition for acting or singing and be on TV. See how by visiting our auditions website at: Royalty free music by Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 See our next Justin Bieber or other pop star video soon. We will alternate between our regular videos and pop star videos. Be sure to check out our other channel as well called all4tubekidz WARNING! Channel monitored by members of law enforcement so be careful what you say or do around here. Only be constructive and
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GameHalt Episode 4: Nasty Narwani

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Caylee Anthony Case – Oh You Nasty Man – Cheney Mason

A variation on the Umbrella Incident. Ignorant, misogynistic, old coot Mumbles – Oh You Nasty Man! Oh, You Nasty Man – Ray Noble and his orchestra.
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Nasty Irish Potato Prank

On St. Paddy’s Day while Jesse was out, I made him some “extra special” Irish Potatoes with wads of chewed up gum, rolled into cinnamon. I had to chew about five packs of gum, and I suffered from jaw pain, but it was worth it when I saw his face eating it! Yep, that ABC gum, haha (Already Been Chewed) Follow us on Twitter: Facebook: T-shirts
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Last One Standing – Testicle Soup (NASTY!)

Jason and Rajko offend their host when they refuse to eat a Mongolian delicacy: Testicle Soup!
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Metal Mulisha at Big Nasty 2008

Metal Mulisha (Justin Homan) and Cleavland at the Big Nasty 2008 doing some freestyle.

More Nasty Motorcycle Accidents

Some nasty accidents while attempting tricks on a motorcycle!
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The Ultimate Nasty Gory See Inside My Leg Shark bite

The aftermath of my shark bite!

Facebook Bursaman fills in for vacationing Captain Jeff. Brad’s Lunker snook gets attacked by a shark. Its an overslot fish, and eventhough its gonna be dead in a matter of minutes, by law it had to be released.

Most Outragous PinewooDerby Car “Dirt Nasty”

Dirt Nasty Rebuilt by: JewkesEngineering PinewooDerby Super Mod
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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