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Thirty Seconds To Mars-(ft. Tyler Glenn from Neon Trees)-Hurricane/ Live @ Fox Theatre Oakland

Fox Theatre Oakland 5/13/10
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Neon Trees Interview from

SUBSCRIBE if you like what you watch and you want to see more. We have a great lineup of interviews on the way, including Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Depreciation Guild, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Ponytail, Black Lips, Carla Werner, Awesome Color, and more. Watch more videos and read great articles about the current state of music at or A lot has happened to Neon Trees since we did this interview with them last year at Velour (Provo, UT), including the release of their full-lengthHabitson Mercury Records, a hit with their first single Animal, a tour with 30 Seconds To Mars, and appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Oh yeah, and the Jonas Brothers have tweeted about them. In this video interview, we catch a glimpse of Neon Trees not long after inking their deal with Mercury Records, and get to see them before their roller coaster ride began. Neon Trees give us four stories about the origin of their band name (all of which are entertaining; one of which is actually true), touch on their record deal, discuss their songwriting influences and philosophy, and talk about some of the more interesting aspects of their band dynamics. Filmed by Eddie King Audio Mixed by Israel Curtis Music: “Animal” by Neon Trees

Neon Bean Effect on Gimp

Ill be showing you how to make a neon beam effect around an image in Gimp 2.6. Please Rate, Comment, and subscribe for more Gimp tuts.
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Neon Flea Circus – Iggy The Biz HD

Iggy The Biz by Neon Flea Circus From the Album Fistful of IOUs Available for FREE download from 6th of may at: http Recorded by Noel Hennessy at Grand Canal Studios, Dublin Mixed by Josh Fairhead Mastered by Darren Jennings Video recorded, mixed and edited by Peter Duddington
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Neon Trees “Your Surrender” Official Video Contest

Neon Trees “Your Surrender” Official Video Contest Enter here: – Submit your video responses by Clicking in the comment section box below, followed by the video icon on the right of the box – Make sure to tag the video with these keywords: Neon Trees, Your Surrender, Habits, Official, Video Contest – Tell all your friends to watch your video, We will be watching all of them, but the videos with the most views get ranked to the top!
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Here are some jellyfish. They live and work at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Can you feel their heart beatings? BOOM BOOM.
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PassePartout and Neon Flea Circus

PassePartout the performance art troupe have teamed up with Circus Funk rockers Neon Flea Circus and heres a sample of what they can do!!!



NEON FLEA CIRCUS BALCONYTV DUBLIN 9 PRESENTED BY TOM MILLETT eon Flea Circus are a laid-back in-your-face funk band with their roots in the blues and their heads in the psychedelic clouds. As a band their purpose is to entertain, and so night and day, they tirelessly endeavor to do so. Not content to use, abuse and misuse quirky wordplay, lyrical jokes and lighthearted topsy-turvy, they do so on top of grooves that would make even your cool uncle blush, theyll also happily chat up your younger sister while your mother tells her friends what nice boys they are* From Balls-out Blues to Chunked-up Funk, NFC* bring their audience through an array of styles. Their live shows draw together elements of Tango, German-Techno, Yiddish Klesmer, Off-Beat Freak-Beat, and if youre lucky, you might even get to waltz with that girl youve had your eye on for quite some time. They denounce the established musical guard, and in doing so appeal to a very broad demograph : young or old, happy or sad, hungry or full of soup. Tune in again tomorrow!!!

Neon Flea Circus – Hyperspeed

Hyperspeed by Neon Flea Circus From Fistful of IOUs Available for FREE download from 6th of may at: http Recorded by Noel Hennessy at Grand Canal Studios, Dublin Mixed by Josh Fairhead Mastered by Darren Jennings Special thanks to the All-Male Hyperspeed Choir All video footage is public domain and can be found at Source footage Republican Convention, 1956/08/20 (1956) Aurora Stunt and Drag Race Set Commercial (ca. 1968) Chevrolet Leader News (1937) Cool Hot Rod (1953) Down the Gasoline Trail (1935) Formations (1936) How You See It (1936) Mussolini Speech Torino (1932) The Other Fellow (1937) Road Runners (ca. 1952) Tomorrows Drivers (1954) Your Permit And You (1951)
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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