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Part 2/3 casey Anthony: update Nov28 INCEST; Elvis Sightings

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Part 3/3 casey Anthony: update Nov28 INCEST; Elvis Sightings

George not Casey’s Father? LINK: Check this out: Rick saying Casey’s biological father is not George! Part 15 .. page 3022 is on the bottom right corner: LOOKS LIKE RICK RECANTED–MISUNDERSTOOD THE QUESTION SEE: Interesting, eh??? Police Interview with Cindy: Cindy Q Okay. And then uh George drove the car home and you followed him in your….? A Yes And we parked it in the garage, opened everything up, too the battery out of it just in case someone came home to try and get the car we took the batter out of it. Never know. Someone being? A. I dont know anybody. I have no idea, Im not, I dont want to speculate on something I dont know but thats our thought was.

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