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my point is all the time what we hear in the media( Islamic group is trying to bomb, American gov Invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, oil price is heading .00 per gallon, tax-income is increasing) but the real Question is have we ever heard of HAARP, Illuminati, bohemian grove, bilderberg group, Fed is a private bank!!, new world order, JFK, MLK, or Freemasons, not any of them what i suggest you and everyone breaths the air of the United States to watch. below i will put links that will help you to understand what i mentioned above is about. 1- ILLUMINATI PROJECT part 1 ( 2- Former BBC Reporter Alan Hart Reveals ‘Mossad’ Involved in 9/11 on Alex Jones Tv 1/5 ( 3- The Assassination of JFK Junior 1/11 ( 4- Former Pakistani ISI Chief Hamid Gul: "God Help America!!" – The Alex Jones Show 1/4 ( 5- Fulford & Rockefeller: The Japan Interview part 1 ( 6- BILDERBERG: The systemic conspiracy: Estulin ( 7- Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove Part 1/9 HD ( 8- Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals ( 9- CIA and Satanism 1/8 ( 10 – The Illuminati Deception 01/13 – Satanic Despotism ( 11- Ray McGovern on Alex Jones Tv 1/4:IRAN is IRAQ Part 2 ( 12- Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5) ( 13- Secret History of the Freemasons (Part 1 of 9) ( 14

William M. Cooper’s Famous lecture. Watch all parts. Wake up people of the world, your time is now flat out. Raise your Consciousness while there is very minimal time left. yourTUBEyourASS21 Sparklesofunity SorrowfulConscious is back for the 4th time.
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Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Could Happen Globally, NASA warns Solar Storm Grid Failure

Read the full NASA report at Many nuclear power plants could not remain operational in the event of a long term grid failure, resulting in multiple meltdowns. In the event of a severe solar storm many facilities in many countries could be put in jeopardy. When a plant loses power it has to rely on backup (30 days) required for American plants. The problem with a massive grid failure is not just power, but food, civil issues due to food shortages, fuel distribution, refrigeration issues, etc. Plant workers need to eat as well and a several month grid failure would create absolute pandemonium. Workers would abandon posts in order to help family, fuel would get used up fast. Pumps rely on the grid at gas stations and nuclear power plants. Many nuclear plants in the USA are 30+ years old and have limited power/cooling redundancy. And, no power plants are designed to withstand an 8.3+ earthquakes, besides the power grid issue. Hundreds of Japan Fukashima level events could result within a month to two month period following long term grid failure. Get this conversation going so Congress will take action. Japan has some of the safest standards other countries have far from safe systems. Research for yourself and get people informed. Action must be taken now to prevent this from happening…. They know it is possible. see link (day 10) It is important that people understand how fragile nuclear power plants are. They
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this is only a what if. UFO? SB 45 Nuclear? UN New Madrid. yet, The Links Rock

Coast To Coast AM – 30.1.2011 – 4/12 – Electromagnetic Effects & Mystical Experiences Radio Show Global infopowerment Project USA BBC News Report Climate Security 2030 Report!!! out of Washington DC MUST SEE Globe cooling faster than anticipated and to continue over next 20-30 years says Nuclear Bible: Super Bowl XLV False Flag Terror, Interview with David Taylor USA Snow = Mega Earthquake Water = Australia Japan Volcano’s & Islands Sinking PGRE WARNING Magnetic North Pole is [accelerating] Toward Russia Sesame Street – Bug out bag – Preparing the nation for megaquake? FEMA video game?! preparing kids for MEGA-EARTHQUAKES and ALIENS ! Jan 26, 2011 Coast To Coast AM – 5.2.2011 – 1/12 – Exorcists & Possession NFL manipulation CNN and UFO disclosure LARGE UFO HOVERS OVER TORONTO FOR HOURS, 31.01.11@5.02AM.wmv UFO – The Greatest Story Ever Denied [Full Movie] Jose Escamilla Today in History: February 5th 2010/11 New Madrid Earthquake 8.1 in next 24 months phenomenon in the sky before! 1000000000 DEAD Flooding Lightning EQ Volcano’s Post Glacial Rebound . Add oil drilling! Islands & Oil Rigs sinking! Before BP Explained Fatal Warning! 1. magnetic field

Solar Flares Nuclear Holocaust: Mike Adams Reports 2/2 Forget about the 2012 Mayan calendar, comet Elenin or the Rapture. The real threat to human civilization is far more mundane, and it’s right in front of our noses. If Fukushima has taught us anything, it’s that just one runaway meltdown of fissionable nuclear material can have wide-ranging and potentially devastating consequences for life on Earth. To date, Fukushima has already released 168 times the total radiation released from the Hiroshima nuclear bomb detonated in 1945, and the Fukushima catastrophe is now undeniably the worst nuclear disaster in the history of human civilization. But what if human civilization faced a far greater threat than a single tsunami destroying a nuclear power facility? What if a global tidal wave could destroy the power generating capacities of all the world’s power plants, all at once? Such a scenario is not merely possible, but factually inevitable. And the global tidal wave threatening all the nuclear power plants of the world isn’t made of water but solar emissions. The sun, you see, is acting up again. NASA recently warned that solar activity is surging, with a peak expected to happen in 2013 that could generate enormous radiation levels that sweep across planet Earth. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has even issued an urgent warning about solar flares due to strike in 2012 and 2013. IBtimes wrote, “With solar activity expected to peak around 2013, the Sun is entering a particularly

in this video you will see a hidden object near mercury, It looks like some sort of manufactured object?? ship? might be an asteroid but it would of been visible before the solar flares hit it. So it must of had some sort of advanced invisibility but got interupted by the flares of the sun exposing the object. NASA has to come up with a very good excuse for this but very sure it wont be the truth. whatever it is its there and theres nothing we can do about it. so share the video favorite it spread the word before they remove it. thanx peace and love. thanx for watching.
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2012 World Nuclear Armageddon by Solar flares/EMP’s to equal Radiation of 400 Chernobyl’s

I’ve moved to and to 2012 Solar flares / EMP’s could result in a World Nuclear Armageddon (400+ Chernobyl’s) This clip was taken from AJ’s show: Fukushima “solar flares” connectingdots1 “nuclear plant” “max keiser” “bob chapman” “david morgan” gold silver “Jim rogers” “ted butler” “eric sprott” “hugo salinas” Nuclear Disaster ufo 2012 radiation meltdown cesium “Arnie gundersen” connectingdots2 zippcast love 2012 UFO gold silver stellaconcepts george4title silverfuturist IMF CFR USD EURO bullion peace evolution “Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant” Economy “European Union” Crisis ozstellaconcepts davincij15
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Visit for the full story. Researchers have just discovered that solar flares have been keeping a secret–and it’s a big one.

400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon with Author Matt Stein 3/3

Alex talks with environmentalist, bestselling author, and MIT trained engineer Matt Stein, who will talk about his article, 400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon. Stein’s latest book is When Technology Fails.
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“Physics of the Impossible” author Michio Kaku on the consequences of a massive solar storm to our global infrastructure and economy.

400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon with Author Matt Stein 1/3

Alex talks with environmentalist, bestselling author, and MIT trained engineer Matt Stein, who will talk about his article, 400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon. Stein’s latest book is When Technology Fails.
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Alex talks with environmentalist, bestselling author, and MIT trained engineer Matt Stein, who will talk about his article, 400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon. Stein’s latest book is When Technology Fails.
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IB Physics HL Quantum and Nuclear 9.mp4

IB Physics HL videos by Mitch Campbell. Wave Nature of Matter de Broglie hypothesis + Davisson-Germer experiment

How to Control Gravity and Nuclear Forces

With the looming energy crisis, we need to start looking at alternatives. I believe that if Cold Fusion got 1/10th the funding that the LHC or Hot Fusion or Top Secret Defense Contracts get we would have Cold Fusion by now. With maybe a few 0000 in funding, and nano-manufacturing facilities to build the proper 50nm dimension nano-cavitated plates where deuterium would enter from one side of the plate and helium could bubble off of the other as the molecules get continually zapped with the appropriate frequency. Richard Feynman once said of Quantum Mechanics – “Do not keep saying to yourself, if you can possibly avoid it, “But how can it be like that?” because you will get “down the drain,” into a blind alley from which nobody has yet escaped. Nobody knows how it can be like that. ” -On the apparent absurdities of Quantum behavior, in The Character of Physical Law (1965) Lecture 6 : Probability and Uncertainity Now we KNOW how it can be like that… Frank Znidarsic’s Revolutionary Paper: Vt the observed velocity in cold fusion and antigravity has to do with movement of heavy protons. It is the velocity of sound in the medium. The velocity we get with the elastic constant of the sq rt (K/M) has to do with the speed of sound in the electrons. It normally is a much faster velocity. This is the mode light couples with. It is the speed of light in the medium. The solution is: speed of sound = speed of light equation #10 AlienScientist Alliance Homepage: www
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UFO-Orb over Krsko nuclear power plant Slovenia October 2008

October 2008 – Kr┼íko, Slovenija Description link:

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