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2nd Place Knife Only Gun Game

Yes you read it right 2nd place gun game.

Just some sniper only (one man army)

Just me sniping some fools jkjk xD but yeah comment rate subscribe and yeah thanks MY NAME: SHANESTER007
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The Only Way To Make Popcorn

The Only Way To Make Popcorn

All4tubekids girls have an EPIC HANDSHAKE! (fan video only)

the girls from All4tubekids show you there EPIC HANDSHAKE! which is awesome! please send them your prank ideas and they might be in there next prank video. enjoy there EPIC HANDSHAKE!

how to play a prank on your enemies for children only (girls)

even i tried it and my enemies felt for it it was the best day of my life and of course i added Carmel cream only and sorry to cough in the middle and also sorry for not introducing my name in the first. well leave that and hope u enjoyed it.and i went down for a moment because i dropped something.

pole dancing clips (Only Hope – Phunkk Mob) READ INFO 2012 funny films prank great april fools

pole dancing clips (Only Hope – Phunkk Mob) READ INFO 2012 funny movies great college pranks april fools pranks for kids great dorm pranks new strip guys Movie pole, dance, Tarakarina, Removable, Spinning, Portable, Stripper, Dancing, 45mm, 50mm, X-Pole, XPole, Xpert, X-Pert, Expert, Brass, Chrome, Titanium, Gold, Kendra, Wilkinson, Sport, Poles, Exercise, Workout, Fitness, Aerobics, Yoga, Vertical, Aerial, Acrobatics, Ballet, Class, Lessons, Platinum, Stages, Sfactor, factor, Physical Exercise, Dancer, Watch, Physical Fitness

Only In Japan: Japanese Toilet Animation Prank

via: Email from johti.M

Oingo Boingo – Only a Lad

Oingo Boingo!!! xP Johnny was bad, even as a child everybody could tell Everyone said if you don’t get straight You’ll surely go to hell But Johnny didn’t care He was an outlaw by the time that he was Ten years old He didn’t wanna do what he was told Just a prankster, juvenile gangster His teachers didn’t understand They kicked him out of school At a tender early age Just because he didn’t want to learn things (Had other interests) He liked to burn things The lady down the block She had a radio that Johnny wanted oh so bad So he took it the first chance he had Then he shot her in the leg And this is what she said Only a lad You really can’t blame him Only a lad Society made him Only a lad He’s our responsibility Only a lad He really couldn’t help it Only a lad He didn’t want to do it Only a lad He’s underprivileged and abused Perhaps a little bit confused His parents gave up they couldn’t influence his attitude Nobody could help The little man had no gratitude And when he stole the car Nobody dreamed that he would Try to take it so far He didn’t mean to hit the poor man Who had to go and die It made the judge cry It’s not his fault that he can’t believe It’s not his fault that he can’t behave Society made him go astray Perhaps if we’re nice he’ll go away Perhaps he’ll go away He’ll go away Hey there Johnny you really don’t fool me You get away with murder And you think it’s funny You don’t give a damn if we live or if we die Hey there Johnny boy I hope you fry!

Tetrahedron Spaceship caught by NASA!! That appear only when Solar Flares Hit, because it’s cloaked!

This time it’s for real! But could be a false flag, so be careful! Link to site Link to “adrinilinjunky” video Musics and Sounds / Credits “adrinilinjunky” Tags jokoyes nibiru nasa comet solar ufo ovni obama secrets flare satan government space elenin earthquake demons fallen angels haarp alien conspiracy lies war corruption apocalypse
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