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Practical sleep over joke LOL

ok i think this is really funny

Pokémon and 7-11 – Prank call – Poképuns – Trolling all over the phone –

This prank call may seem slack, it was something different. I hope you guys don”t hate it too much. I’ve been kind of busy lately so it’s not the best thursday video and for that i’m sorry. On the upside, I’m going to be making an opening mail segment on monday videos! 😀 That’s right fuckers, I got a PO box, so feel free to mail me shit. PO Box 3684 Success, WA 6964 SKype: maxmoefoe Facebook:

McDonalds Semen Coke – Prank call – (How to get a free meal) – Trolling all over the phone

Watch as I get a free small coke to a large coke and then turn that baby in to a meal. Shame that I abused her at the end and probably lost all chance of getting the free food… even though the store was in another state entirely. If you complain long and hard enough, they’re sure to fork you something right?! Just be confident in your approach, I could do it 100% more legit if I wasn’t trying to be funnier/stupid in order to make the video. ______ **EVERYONE TAKE NOTE** My new microphone has not yet arrived and my old one is broken. This means that this prank was one of my older ones from a batch of pranks I never intended to use. Lets hope by next week I have my new mic and can make some fresh pranks that have a bit more humour. Still hope you enjoyed it, it doesn’t mean the effort of editing the sub titles is any less. ___________________________________ Subscribe to my feed on Facebook: Skype: maxmoefoe Twitter: www.twitter Donation page: -All donations .00 and higher will be credited in my Sunday mail show every Sunday! Second channel: Gaming Channel: ______ This video is copyright to me and everything used in this video is my own content.

Bowled Over – Short Film by Jeremy Finkelstein

One of the finer works of Jeremy Finkelsteins early years. A story about Lawn Bowlers and the pains of young people. Nominated for: Best Screenplay (Oscars) Music Score (Grammys) Best Actor (Don Finkelstein as Robert) Worst Camera Work (Tony Award) A Big Thanks to: My actors (Don, Di, Thelma, Rosemary and Andrew) The Armadale Bowls Club and Myself for thinking of such a brilliant storyline and script. Enjoy!

Invisible Street Rope Prank, Car almost runs over my friend lol

invisible rope prank on the main highway so funny to see live when people stop just because two people are acting like they are holding up a rope in the middle of the road shot in Middlesboro KY.

Let’s Play Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Episode 22: Game Over, WHAT!?

Yup. That happened in this Episode.

Mom Has Meltdown Over Fine (Prank Call)

We prank call a viewers mom and tells her she is getting a fine for disposing a mattress incorrectly. After Jared is done talking she gives the phone to her son Eric (who really set her up) Jared gets a bit confused but then realizes Eric is also pranking his mom which causes her to have a meltdown. DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO FOR FREE! http
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Pranking My Mom Over The Phone That There Is A Tornado!!

Amazing prank. I pranked my grandma on the phone that there is a tornado. i put up a tornado siren audio on youtube then plugged my ipod in my ipod speaker. She Actually believed us. There actually is a tornado warning

Funny Girl Jumps Over Table

Funny Girl
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Pokémon Tourettes – Prank call – Nintendo – Trolling all over the phone

All of you won’t be happy with this one but due to popular demand, I bought back tourettes kid from the MLP call. Why the fuck did I name him Tetter? accident HAA. His name was supposed to be a first and last name that were the combined acronym of the word tourettes and even though I had the idea in my brain, I blurted out Tetter. His name is now Tetter, deal with it. He is the son of Mark Johnson. So Tetter was calling up the Nintendo line because he couldn’t get all the Pocket monsters in Pokemon Black, too bad the line assistants don’t know jack shit about Pokémon. I’m working on more company wars, chill. – Important Links and Info ________________________ Donation page: -All donations .00 and higher will be credited in my Sunday mail show every Sunday! .00 donations will be able to get their own prank idea/place made in to a Thursday video. Facebook: Twitter: Skype: maxmoefoe (For receiving news and video releases, I can no longer reply personally) MAIL: PO Box 3684 Success, WA 6964 Australia Second Channel: Gaming Channel:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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