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Gags- Broken Penis Prank.mp4

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Prank Call Golden Penis

Funny video about a gold plated penis Lawl! Inbox us for more idea’s guys thanks :) We shall upload at least once daily 😛
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World’s Smallest Penis Prank Call

A Glass of Water Ep.2 PENIS & FART JOKES In this episode we discuss youtube user Freddie25 and how awesome he is, also we discuss Figure 8 plays their song Whispers there is an abused head
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C-SPAN Prank Call 1/9/12 – Mitt Romney Penis #1

Former Governor and Senator Judd Gregg, a Romney supporter, gets his first question from one of his constituents. The constituent, Debbie, starts a trend many would soon follow. This is the day before the New Hampshire Primary.
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Making People say “I Touch a Penis”- April fools day prank

NO ADULT CONTENT IN THIS VIDEO ‘Eye Tah Chappiness’ made up by nd316 recorded by kproduction

Penis Prank

Penis Prank

Penis in the Xbox disc tray – PT 1 – Trolling all over the phone 2

This video entails a journey through the world of prank calling. Join our hero Max as he penetrates his console in the name of Microsoft. Let Edward express his love for support as he helps our antagonist on a journey fit for a king, they laugh, they cry, they make out. They do it all. Be sure to witness the chaos and be sure to down vote anyone who quotes the video and gets thumbs in the comments section. Also, be sure to add me on facebook: Skype: maxmoefoe

Exploding Penis – Prank Call – Walmart – 08-15-09

I call up as an old man in need of some assistance. I came into the store and bought some of the boner maker and now my penis looks like its about to explode! Can someone please help me? – Nash Subscribe or your penis will explode.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Penis World

Someone has drawn penises throughout the east stairwell of Herget. Oh boy.

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