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Trey Songz Performs “Love Faces” & Neighbors Know My Name” – OMG Tour 2010 – Atlanta, Ga – 12/5/10

Trey Songz performing “Love Faces” & “Neighbors Know My Name”. He gets all the ladies…young and WELL SEASONED!!! Watch what he does to his shirt and gives to the woman in the front!! Go Girl!!!
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Chilly Gonzales performs The Grudge

Canadian MC and pianist Chilly Gonzales shares the positive side of bearing grudges in this exclusive session at the Guardian. More on music coverage at
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Anne Richmond Performs Stand-up Comedy at The Comic Strip

Anne is an actress, singer, and writer living in NYC. This performance was taped on October 31, 2009. Anne is one of the creators of O-Cast, a web series mockumentary that follows the Olympian gods of Greek mythology after they fall from Olympus and take up residence in NYC. She also plays Hestia in the show. Follow her on twitter: @annerichmond Website: O-Cast
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Re: Re: CNN: Pastor Of Church That Performs “Gay Exorcisms”

Video Cam Direct Upload

Re: CNN: Pastor Of Church That Performs “Gay Exorcisms”

Video Cam Direct Upload

American Pitbull Terrier performs ‘stay’ command

I taught my Pit Bull Jet to stay and in this video I demonstrate how he does it by telling him to sit/stay and then walking a long distance away. When I call him I whistle and he runs up to me. Song is by Eric Church, Cant take it with you. Just another Video Showing How Pit Bulls could be awesome dogs if properly trained. Ban the deed not the breed.

World’s Smartest Dog , Chip Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

Chip and I enter contests and perform tricks for fun. Chip enjoys every minute of training because we bond together. Chip would love to spend every minute of every day with me. We share wonderful qualities and have a blast as often as we can. Chip can never stop smiling when we are performing tricks together. He simply cannot contain himself! One of Chip’s favorite activities to do is entertain people! From performing tricks at birthday parties, to appearing in the newspaper and news channel, there is nothing better for Chip than performing tricks! **Please note that no part of the video has been sped up, or reversed, Chip really does move backwards and that fast =o** Chip and I love to spend time together, to learn together, to play together, to perform together, to do everything together! From dock diving, to taking a long walk, Chip enjoys doing anything and everything with me! Please enjoy our trick video! Chip is trained using positive reinforcement and clicker training! Positive reinforcement is when you reward for performing a correct behavior rather than punishing for an incorrect behavior. Clicker training is when you mark a correct behavior so there is a better chance that it will be repeated in the future! Please clicker train your dog for a better outcome and overall better trick dog! ~Rachel And Chip~

Nana the World’s Smartest Dog Performs Amazing Dog Tricks!

Meet the world’s smartest Border Collie – my best friend, Nana! From footstalls, to walking front paw handstands, to running backwards, Nana does it all. All of Nana’s training is done exclusively with the use of positive reinforcement and clicker training. Nana chooses to do all the…
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Incredible Dog Dancing Performs Latin Merengue

Possibly the smartest dog in the world?

Rachel McKibbens performs “After the siamese twins made a scene at the airport security”

Rachel McKibbens performs “After the siamese twins made a scene at the airport security” at Hampshire College on 09/09/08. For more Hampshire Slam Collective videos, visit:

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