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Pizza Hut Prank Call…Angus Burger!

…Says it all really^! Im bad at accents btw. And i no about the bad spelling.
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Angry Pizza Owner Prank Call – OwnagePranks

This is a prank call I did AGES ago.. and it’s the call that got really popular and encouraged me to keep doing prank calls. I thought you guys might enjoy this, so I uploaded it. Someone asked me to do this call years ago, because when he ordered pizza from this guy, he found a long piece of hair in it, and was disgusted. The owner REFUSED to replace the order, and I called him politely at first, but he was still being an asshole about it. I called in a few times in the coming days and made bogus pizza orders, and when I called to cancel he would get very angry.. then this prank happened, and his reaction is priceless. REGISTER ON ! Join the community on the forums! For access to ventrilo, and tons of other calls, go to https Please become my facebook fan!

Family Guy Pizza Hut Prank yt:stretch=16:9

Evil Operator – Pizza Hut Order Evil Operator – Pizza Hut Order – http

Prank dial #1 (domino’s pizza)

my first prank call witch can be dangerous one guy threatened to come to our house becuz he had collar ID so we freaked out whenever we saw a car come by where we were hiding xD

Prank call to a pizza restaurant

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Pizza Delivery Prank

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Prank Calls with Herbert “Pizza Hut”

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Dr. Phil Soundboard Prank Call (Pizza Hut)

Dr. Phil wants to order pizza.

Delivery Guy Pranks: Unsuspecting Pizza Delivery Dudes Owned (Link in DESC starts Videos)

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