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casey anthony /Casey Anthony: I won’t plea

Casey Anthony and her attorney Jose Baez claim that they won’t be agreeing to any plea deals.

casey anthony / Possible Plea Deal For Casey Anthony?

Guilty plea in Warwick synagogue vandalism case

21-year-old Ryan Johnson of Warwick has pleaded guilty to felony charges after he and a juvenile painted a swastika and racial slurs on the walls of Temple Am David in Warwick.
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Plea Deal, No Deal! – Casey Anthony Emotional – Attorney Diana Tennis

Casey Anthony’s appearance – emotional. Plea Deal – No Deal! Learn more about Diana Tennis at

Could Delay in Casey Anthony Trial Mean Plea Deal Is In the Works?

Saturday’s delay in the Casey Anthony trial, due to an unspecified “legal issue,” has caused some to speculate that a mistrial or plea deal could be in the near future. Jon Leiberman, host of the TrueFacts Radio Show, commented on the case and the reason for the delay. Apparently, the lead detective in the case says that the cell phone records of the person who found Caylee Anthony’s body weren’t completely turned over to the defense, which Leiberman says “could be a major, major issue because if that’s true, and if these cell phone records are somehow exculpatory, this could be a mistrial in the works.” When Alisyn raised the theory that Casey may be seeking a plea deal after seeing videos of Caylee, Leiberman said he thinks it’s too late in the game for a deal, claiming “In terms of a plea deal, we’re much too far along, in my opinion, in this case to see a plea deal right now.” He did concede though that the prosecution could seek a deal if they think the defense has presented reasonable doubt, saying, “Here’s the thing about a plea deal, for one, and here’s a problem for the prosecution. Cindy Anthony, the little girl’s grandmother, is the most sympathetic figure in this whole case, we can all agree. She’s the only one that anybody really likes. If you believe everything that she says, which is what the prosecution wants you to believe, then you also have to believe she searched chloroform on the computer, which actually hurts the prosecution’s case. That could lead

Casey Anthony: Guilty Plea in Fraud Case Expected Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby talks with WESH-NBC reporter Bob Kealing about the rumored guilty plea that is expected to be forthcoming in the fraud case.
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Casey Anthony: Guilty Plea in Check Fraud Case Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby is speaks to WESH-NBC reporter Bob Kealing about Casey Anthony’s guilty plea in her check fraud case.
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Casey Anthony: A plea for rationality

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Caylee Anthony Latest News … Caylee Anthony Update … A Desperate Plea

Caylee Anthony Latest News … Caylee Anthony Update … A Desperate Plea Be it known to all that from this day forth this is the name by which I will be known. I end all association with the abominations that have betrayed me and wait only for their eternal death. Right now I have a serious problem. Because the people of Florida have betrayed me, because so many of them have said “Oh, her mother’s innocent. The jury said so, so let it rest,” the creatures of Darkness now have power against me… Read the entire plea at …

Casey Anthony Plea

This is my plea to Casey Anthony. She is accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. Casey is facing the death penalty if convicted. Her trial is scheduled to begin in May 2011. Casey did not tell anyone that Caylee was missing. She claimed the nanny kidnapped Caylee. No one ever met this nanny. Casey lied to the police. She stole from family and friends and spent the month that Caylee was “missing” partying and living it up with her boyfriend. She got a tattoo, “bella vita” which means beautiful life. According to Casey she was “going through other resources to find her” Now Casey sits in jail….she told her parents her “who;e life has been taken from me”…well Casey you are right. You will never again walk free. So it is up to you how you spend the rest of your life….on death row all alone or in prison for life….maybe if you confess the other prisoners might go easy on you. You could have some sort of social life…maybe playing cards or something. JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE!!!
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