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Quality pomeranian puppies for sale batangas philippines

Breed Pomeranian With Pcci Papers Date of birth February 15 2011 12 redmarks and 1 green mark Contact number sun 09223942400 smart 09206723918

Grizzly the break dancing Pomeranian puppy

Cute Talented Dog: Duke the Pomeranian!

Duke’s application for Bay Area Top Dog 2010–except CW Bay Area did not choose him for the Final 10, but rather chose really stupid photos and videos of other dogs. They confirmed that they did NOT have any selection criteria, so do not waste your time with any of their contests!

Malte-Pom (Maltese Pomeranian mix) vs. a Rottweiler

The big bad rotti getting tormented by a little white fluff. The malte-pom is playing it smart and took the fight under the bed where she clearly has the advantage.
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Dodi smart pomeranian answers YES to question: do you wanna eat?

dodi my 5 months old pomeranian understands the question: do you wanna eat? (vuoi mangiare? in italian) and says Yes (Si) !!! dodi ilmio pomerania di 5 mesi capisce la domanda: vuoi mangiare? e risponde si!!
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SWRNC Mascott “BRUNO”-How To Shave your Miniature Pomeranian DOG!

Pete and Minnie tackle the “ONCE A MONTH” Job. Shave BRUNO! or 972-420-1293
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3.5 Month Old Pomeranian Tricks

This is Dexter. He’s about three and a half months old. These are a few of his tricks since the start of his training at the beginning of his 3rd month. (Two weeks training) Dexter was sold to a wonderful couple, one of them being a dog groomer. When he was sold at five months, he had perfected all basic commands: Come Stay Sit Down Spin No Ah-ah! Other commands Dexter knew: Bring your blanket Bring me a toy Go get it Break (Release command) Speak Roll over Heel Fetch Go to bed. I sell fully trained dogs, and I also help train dogs individually, or with a family. I also deal with(And not limited to): Toy/Food aggression Biting Jumping Aggression to other animals Prey instincts Walking problems

Smart Pomeranian puppy steals treat from dog

My Pomeranian Grizzly is very intelligent and in this video he looks back at his little brother Dutch as if telling me that he wants a treat too. So, I go to the kitchen to get him a treat and he waits for Dutch to follow and runs off and steals Dutchie’s treat! Grizzly nods his head to answer me “yes” when he wants something and when he doesn’t want something he shakes his head “no.” See my other videos and watch for this behavior.

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