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Shoot Me Please in Sexy Pose

Twins Girl Funny Video Clip
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The Demons(Jinn) that Pose as Aliens – P2

Original film by Bushwackk of Wake Up Project http http http
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The Demons Part 1 (Demons Pose as Aliens)
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The Jinn – Part 2 of 10 (Demons/Jinns Pose as Aliens)

Aliens are not from a distant galaxy visiting the earth as the so called UFO loves want them to be. They are not an advance civilization from a galaxy far away who will come to save humanity. They are Jinns here to deceive you…. to downgrade you as a lowest level…. whereas in the BIBLE and QURAN …. God/Allah clearly tells us that…. Humans are the Best of Creation. If only we Follow what Allah/God commanded us. The Jinn/Demon series is based on well researched analysis from authentic sources such as The Holy Quran, The Holy Bible, and The Hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) . not to mention historical records translated by the top scholars in the world, Other Religious Scriptures such as the DEAD Sea Scrolls even come into play. The Jinn, or Demons, are a Race of Being Created by God Almighty They also have free will like humans and have to answer for their Deeds in God’s court after death. This documentary is not about fairy tales and Aladdin cartoons, this is serious stuff. The Purpose to make this series arises because of the necessity of understanding your mortal enemies, “The Shaitaan” (Iblees)/ The Devil because he is also from among the Jinn and was made out of smokeless fire by God Almighty (and he is not a Fallen Angel as Described by many misguided religious sects). To save yourself you need to know your enemy. That is what this series goal is. I hope you realize that this is a common fight we have with Muslims who should be our closest allies. There is a
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