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Best Post It Prank

Roomate left for the weekend to come back to 10000 Post It notes and 1000 Styrofoam cups placed in his room. Video includes process and reaction. A must see.
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God Does Not Post to YouTube – Dr. Read Schuchardt 2012 funny films pranks at home great april

God Does Not Post to YouTube – Dr. Read Schuchardt 2012 funny films pranks at home great april fools pranks top college pranks baby Movie Wheaton, College, Illinois, Chapel, Communication, Professor, Read, Schuchardt
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Post Your Pick Topic 1: The Casey Anthony Trial/Verdict Post Your Pick Topic 1 The Casey Anthony Trial & Verdict For those who are unaware of this seriously tragic story Casey Anthony was arrested under suspension of murdering her 2 year old daughter Caylee. Caylee was found after being dead for some time in the woods with duct tape wrapped around her mouth. It was believed that the mother Casey killed her daughter with chloroform, put her in the truck then buried her in the woods. However Casey claimed that Caylee accidentally drowned at her grand parents house in there pool. This trial revealed a lot of family dirt for the Anthonys. It was claimed the Casey was abused by her father at 8 years old and that she developed a defense mechanism of acting like she is fine when she’s not. They used this to explain behaviors unbecoming of a grieving mother she exhibited while her child was missing such as partying and entering a hott body contest. In the end although they had a large amount of circumstantial evidence they found her innocent. So I submit The Casey Anthony Trial & Verdict; Post Your Pick
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Casey Anthony Post Verdict WJXT Interview with John Phillips – The Law Office of John Phillips handles personal injury and other legal matters across the southeast and also hosts a radio show. Trial Lawyer, John Phillips joined the WJXT crew live as the Casey Anthony Verdict was announced. John is the lawyer behind and Emmy Award-winning television, radio and newspaper journalist, Bruce Hamilton was the host of the segment and was pointed and detailed in his questions and discussion. Criminal Defense Attorney, Richard Kuritz, added excellent analysis. Richard is one of only a few in the Northeast Florida area qualified by the Florida Supreme Court to handle Death Penalty cases.
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Post Casey Anthony Case: Is George Anthony Hiding Something?

Eric Bolling interview with Dr. Keith Ablow on Casey Anthony’s father George Anthony

Post Analysis of Casey Anthony Verdict (Various clips with Dr. Keith Ablow & Judge Napolitano)

The Rule of Law prevails. Against all odds and the liberal propaganda machine, Casey Anthony received a fair trial. I heard Joy Behar mumble something today about Casey Anthony and in the “Court of Public Opinion” she is guilty. As usual, another RETARDED comment comes out of her mouth. If I had know as a child the way to have my opinion heard was to act retarded like Joy Behar and Barbara Walters, I still wouldn’t do it. Unlike the illegal assassination of unarmed Osama bin Laden, the rule of law prevails. Yes, I feel he deserved the death sentence but it is not for Obama to be judge, jury and executioner. Assassination is illegal under our law and under international law. It’s time to bring the warmonger, terrorist and murderer Obama to justice. Justice will be served when Obama is tried in a court of law and receives the death sentence.

Casey Anthony: Post Verdict Analysis w/ Dr Keith Ablow & Judge Napolitano / Fox News — Casey Anthony Post Verdict Analysis w/ Dr Keith Ablow & Judge Napolitano / Fox News. Visit our website for all the latest Casey Anthony news. We are the #1 Casey Anthony Fan site – Exposing the MYTHS, LIES & BS – and uncovering the TRUTH about the Casey Anthony Trial *and* Celebrating the Innocence, Freedom and Total Awesomeness of Casey Anthony! WE LOVE YOU CASEY!!!
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Flea Circus – “Lamp Post” – Live at The Gallery Cafe

Live Jazz at The Gallery Cafe Every Second Friday from 7.30 PM 21 Old Ford Road E2 9PL

Post It Notes – Roommate Pranks

Submission for the Post It Note video contest. We came up with everything seen in the video. Even the music is original.

After midnight post for panda bear!

Just posting about my snake bites.
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