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Air Horn Pranks

Best twenty-five dollars ever spent.

Fight Prank- Ownage Pranks

All credit goes to Ownage Pranks.

Surinder OWNS Ownage Pranks LOL XD

Surinder Finally Snaps and strikes back as ownage pranks calls him a second time . This time around he owns ownage and trump in a hilarious response to the original. THIS IS NOT A HATER video, please don’t get offended. I am OPranks fan myself.

COMEDY DEPOT: ownage pranks – Black guy talks to some creepy gay guy

ownage pranks calls the manhole once again and ends up talking to some creepy guy. Very funny. – Uploaded video because There needs to be more and better comedy on youtube. If you like it Please support Ownage Pranks by signing up on the forums at:

Ownage Pranks – 7 Eleven Raged Clerk Prank Call

This is not ownage pranks, i am just uploading his videos that is not on youtube already or his new live videos if i have time.. You can check OwnagePranks at


Video Rating: 2 / 5

COMEDY DEPOT: ownage pranks – Texan calls manhole 1

Ownage Pranks calls the gay hotline man hole with his texan accent. Prank call crank ownage pranks ventrilo 247 comedy funny sp00n spoon calls
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Howard Stern – Touch-tone Terrorist Pranks Crazy Alice

Howard Stern – Touch-tone Terrorist Pranks Crazy Alice
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Just For Laugh-10 Funniest Pranks

another 10 funniest pranks. Let’s see how many likes and dislikes we get. All right reserved to Just For Laugh.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

PCD: Family Pranks: Phone Prank 1

We call Bryan (( Pcd )) And use the old spice guy’s voice to attempt freaking him out. I think it worked lol.

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