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B-Real B-Funny Vol.2 Winthorp Basketball Game Preview

PREVIEW to blah blah blah video

COMMENT GOAL-100……………………………………………… MYSPACE: TWITTER: ASK ME ANY QEUSTIONS this is me and lindsays preview to our real music video stupid banner thing in the middle of my video from my edditing software
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The Five Obstructions movie trailer preview from cheapflix

With THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS, notoriously mischievous director Lars von Trier performs yet another cinematic experiment. This time around, the Danish prankster tries to outwit his mentor, director Jorgen Leth, forcing him to remake his classic 1967 short, “The Perfect Human,” five different times, with a series of increasingly outlandish guidelines. His goal is to break down the abnormally stable Leth, teaching him a valuable life lesson in the process. In the first film, von Trier sends Leth to Cuba and sets his first seemingly insurmountable rule: make a film that consists of shots that are no longer than twelve frames at a time. Miraculously, Leth uses his forced limitations to create a beautiful work, which obviously irks von Trier. Next up, von Trier challenges Leth to return to Bombay–which he calls the “most wretched place on Earth”–in order to confront some demons from his past. Once again, the clever mentor rises to the challenge. Frustrated and sensing defeat, von Trier’s next challenge is deceptively simple: Leth must remake his film with no limitations whatsoever. He travels to Brussels and succeeds once again. After a foray into animation, von Trier creates the final obstruction, a film in which von Trier admits defeat and pays tribute to his mentor. THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS is a thoughtful, entertaining meditation on the filmmaking process. Cast: Lars Von Trier, Jorgen Leth, Maiken Algren , Alexandra Vandernoot, Jacqueline Arenal, Vivian Rosa, Patrick Bauchau

1.3.1 PREVIEW!

just a part one of a 2 part 1.3.1 video preview series NEXT:Prank virus video i promis ill make it before the part 2 of the 1.3.1 preview Make sure to sub Thesharptech
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Sneak Peek Preview of Zendaya on Prank Stars

Watch the sneak up of Zendaya on Prank Stars with her BIGGEST fan.. Make sure to watch the full epsiode September 23rd!! –I do not own the video, I just posted it for Zendaya fans. All videos go to their original owners (, facebook, & Disney Channel)–
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Prank Stars Preview – New Disney Channel Reality Show (With Selena Gomez).

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On itunes now. Follow me on google+ Believe Bieber Credit : Boyfriend (new single)

Preview of my new series, California Bound! (read for character descriptions)

READ!!! Selena: A spunky brunette. She is the between girl as her sisters call her because she tends to be put in the middle of every situation. She is the oldest of the three and ver outgoing. She considers herself a tomboy, loving to skateboard, surf and dirt bike. Demi: Mysterious Brunette. She is the shy one of the three but when you get her talking there is no stopping her.She is also the middle child. She’s most into her job at Paradise Smoothies, but loves to catch some waves. She comes out of her shell when she is in a comfortable enviorment with her sisters and close friends. Miley: The Mature Brunette. I say mature because she tends to act the oldest of the three, even though she is youngest. She is usaully put in charge of things. She is a perfectionist. In her eyes, if it’s not done right the first time, you must redo it till you get it right. She tends to order her sisters around but is trying hard to stop. She is the best surfer of the three, owning 10 surfing medals, but isn’t in a hurry to show them off. The Guys: Kevin:The Show Off Brunette. He is the oldest of the boys and is a HUGE show off. He is dissapointed when his parents send him to a beach in california for the summer. He is often the one to get into the tough situations. He is a killer snowboarder and has won many tropshies and doesn’t hesitate to let the world know. He doesn’t like trying new things which is why he tends to be stubborn. Joe: The Funny Brunette. He is the middle kid. He is also

Anjunadeep:03 mixed by Jaytech & James Grant – Preview Podcast

BUY NOW FROM ITUNES: TO BUY THE DOUBLE CD CLICK HERE: Anjunadeep:03 Album Launch Party, March 24, Ice Palace, Miami. Click here for tickets: Disc 1 / Mixed by James Grant 1. Stephen J. Kroos – Micrsh 2. Martin Roth — Deep Style 3. Da Funk — Weekend Rubdown (Jaytech & James Grant Respray) 4. Electrobios & Liluca feat. Interplay — Depends On You 5. Underworld – Two Months Off (DAVI Remix) 6. Danny Loko – Coastal (Eelke Kleijn Remix) 7. Michael Cassette – Regatta 8. Andrew Bayer — Distractions – Movement 2 9. Soundprank – Captivated 10. Paul Keeley – Relic 11. Komytea – Algebra 12. Spooky – Belong (Sasha Involver Remix) [Prankster Edit] 13. Matt Lange – Rift 14. Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer – By All Means (Solarity Remix) Disc 2 / Mixed by Jaytech 1. Embliss – Back To Mine 2. Interplay – Ignition 3. PROFF – Interstellar 4. Answer42 – Dew Point 5. Beckwith – N To Brooklyn 6. Kobana & Yane3dots – All Those Loose Things 7. Roddy Reynaert & Man Of Goodwill — Brotherhood 8. Jaytech – Djembe 9. Suspect 44 – Japanese Schoolgirls 10. Dinka – The Sleeping Beauty 11. Soundprank – The Far Side 12. Maor Levi — Devotion 13. Timmy & Tommy – Unit 29 14. Levente Márton – Big Fat Kiss 15. Solarity – Marsh Website: Tour Dates Facebook Youtube: Twitter: Google+: TATW Podcast: iTunes: Anjunastore:
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DANCE ASSASSIN + Urban Ninja 3 Preview

URBAN NINJA T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE! Follow me :) @HOFFMANROBERT This is a video from my new episodes coming soon that will end with the premiere of Urban Ninja 3. This was featured on the Ellen show 2/21/11. One of her producers saw it at a showing I did of it at Carnival and I couldn’t refuse when they asked me to feature it on their show so this video is getting released early 😉 Written, performed, and edited by Robert James Hoffman III. Shot by Tyson Wheeler Persall. He sucks at hockey. To stay updated on the release of the episodes Subscribe to this channel and follow @HoffmanRobert and like TAGS: Dance Assassin Attack PunchRobert punch robert James Rob Hoffman III hidden camera funny scare public prank sketch surprise Urban Ninja 3 Step Up 2 Chase Ellen Urban Ninja Shxt
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