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Proof that FIrefox is unsafe

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Why Are the Anunnaki Nuking DUMBS? ⇒ The rumblings and strange sounds felt and heard worldwide since August 23, 2011 are not naturally occurring earthquakes, but nuclear explosions detonated underground by the Anti-New World Order Anunnaki, attacks which purportedly completely destroyed at least thirteen deep underground military installations built at the massive expense of the citizens of the New World Order, primarily American taxpayers. Naturally occurring earthquakes leave a telltale seismographic signature that has been absent in the phenomenon that began last year. It has been reported that these explosions were nuclear in nature, and sensitive intelligence suggests that it is possible that as many as 30000 personnel were in each of these underground cities prior to their destruction, yet the Anunnaki safely removed all personnel to an undisclosed location before the blasts. These underground cities, replete with enormous man-made lakes, power plants, a vast series of seemingly unending apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, and even hydroponic farms, have been built beneath many major cities all over the world by the elitist ruling class as safe havens to hide as their plan to survive a planet-wide cataclysm they believe will unfold on the surface world. Most of the estimated billions upon billions of Alien Greys harbored by their human elite bedfellows in many of the DUMBS are believed to have perished. The Anunnaki have cut off all
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Explores cosmic motion in relation to the plunger effect hypothesis of volcanic eruption triggering. Examines concurrent solar flare and volcanic activity including an explosion at Popocatepetl and the 15th paroxysmal episode of Etna.

DEFINITIVE PROOF UFO’s Are Here To Defend Earth Against Nibiru And Solar Flares Of 2012?

Trade the End Times
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Proof i can break a pencil with a flick lol

now i have proof lol look the pencil isnt cracked or alrdy broken lol muhehehehehe
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Proof Jesus Fulfilled Biblical Prophecies

Did Jesus really fulfill Bible prophecies as Christians claim? What evidence is there to support this theory? Jesus did indeed fulfill prophecies made several hundred years before His birth, death and resurrection. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls (copies of most Old Testament books) should further confirm to skeptics the prophecies contained in them were made long before the earthly ministry of Jesus. “One of the scrolls in the Dead Sea Caves was a complete MS of the Hebrew text of Isaiah. It is dated by paleographers around 125 BC”—from “The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict.” by Josh McDowell. That means this scroll was written more than 100 years before Christ was born and it contains multiple prophecies about His Messiahship, death and resurrection. Of course the original books in the Old Testament were written several hundred years prior to the formation of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Even secular writers alive close to the earthly ministry of Jesus confirm: “He was a Jewish teacher; many people believed that He performed healings and exorcisms; He was rejected by Jewish leaders; He was crucified under the reign of Tiberius; despite His shameful death, His followers, who believed that He was still alive, spread beyond Palestine so that there were multitiudes of them in Rome by 64 AD; all kinds of people from the cities and countryside–men and women, slave and free–worshipped Him as God by the beginning of the second century.” This is according to Edwin Yamauchi
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Quantum Mechanics and Spiritual Proof – Why Intent Matters

Reece’s “The Awakening: Wave Function” Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment Flatland: A response: Line of videos: 1. current video 2. 3. 4. his response:
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Proof of God – Exorcisms of Demons

This video is in response to a comment I got on my channel. I was told to watch a video of an actual exorcism with Demons being cast out. As an atheist and naturalist I had to see this proof of the supernatural. Hilarity ensues! For video please click here

Proof Ghost Are Real!

This is live proof that ghost do exist. Enjoy :) Lock Your Doors.. Muahahahahah
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PROOF on why Casey Anthony was found *NOT GUILTY*! **with audio**

Reason why Casey Anthony found not guilty

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