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April Fool’s Prank pulled on Kid Brother (Strait Jacket Girl)

My little brother decided to spontaneously clean the van before my mom could get out to see it so this is the quick clip I caught on my phone of his unusual anti-dramatic self, before my phone’s memory was full TT
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a LiL PRANK we pulled on a waitress @ CPK! LOL

We gave her a fake MILLION $ bill to pay for our food..LMAO!

The Second Best Prank I Have Ever Pulled

What can I say? I can’t believe how well this went! Poor Michelle… but she’s a great sport and a great gal!

Pep Fest Kissing! Prank pulled on students! Prank vs Prank

This is a prank that was pulled at my school. Most people have already seen it before but the school keeps taking down the video so im just re-uploading it so it can stay on. If you havnt seen it, what is happening is a group of winter sports captains were tricked into thinking they were going to kiss other students but then their parents walked out… Little did they know they were going to get a big smooch from their mommys and daddys.

Penny Prank Our School Pulled!

We pulled the coolest thing that has ever happened in our school! Aka RMS otherwise known as Readington Middle School! It was crazy there were pennies all over the place! The line to lunch was enormous!
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Pulled a prank on my 7 year old brother!

My seven year old brother ripped the tag on my mattress. So i convinced him that the cops were going to come after him. So he goes to get some tape to try to fix and it just gets better from
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Probably the Best Prank Pulled on a Teacher EVER | Call of Duty in Real Life Movie Project

MAKE SURE ANNOTATIONS ARE TURNED ON! Make sure to like/fav and sub if you haven’t already! :) Haha she freaked out. :) It was hilarious! This was shown on a projector so a few students freaked out too! Ahhh… Just so you understand… We had to have three points on why to buy the product so that’s what’s up with the lame crap.
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Rebecca getting her Tooth pulled

Using a blackberry I was able to catch the action of my Dad pulling out Rebecca’s tooth. To bad Rebecca didn’t know 1 end of the string was dangling in her mouth and the other end is in my dad’s hand! AS A RESULT, NOBODY GOT HURT IN THE MAKING OF THIS MOVIE…………….. RATE 5 STARS! SUBSCRIBE! AND LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS, HOPE U ENJOY! oh and sorry for bad quality.
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I pulled the Ultimate Prank at Lunch!

Today I did the funniest prank to everyone at lunch. It was so funny and I am sorry I didnt get to do it on camera to show you.

Prank pulled

a reaction to a prank pulled on the roommate, when he returned from his final everything had been removed from his room, nothing left
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