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David Sereda on Quantum Communication, the Body Electric, & the 2012 Interstellar Cloud 6/8 [HD]

PLAYLIST: | A big shift of energy could be coming in 2012 that is going to affect every living thing on the planet, and possibly trigger quakes and other sudden earth changes, said scientist, filmmaker & mystic ecologist David Sereda. The solar system may have entered such a new field of energy on December 22, 2010, which set off a chain of events, including the largest storm ever recorded on Saturn, the strange bird and animal die-offs, and an early sunrise in Greenland (related to a wobble of the Earth and the moving of the magnetic pole), Serada outlined. David Sereda’s latest research on the Earth’s pole shift and why the sunrise has been early, the bird die-off, quantum electro-dynamics, and 2012, as well as new children being born with advanced abilities are discussed at length. Pointing out that the human body has an electrical magnetic field, he noted that it can be affected by activity on the sun, as well as energies coming from different parts of the galactic plane, as the Earth moves through it. Children born into the current cosmic energy have new DNA that enables them to talk to angels or with entities on the Other Side, he suggested. Or in some cases, they can even physically pop in and out of dimensions and disappear for a time, he reported. Their higher vibration of consciousness may tie into the idea of the Rapture, with people moving into another dimension. Sereda also shared some of his personal mystical and paranormal experiences such

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Fifth Dimension “The Age Of Aquarius” Quantum Ocean -51*_ true light of — http __ Symbols of the Age of Aquarius: Every two thousand years the age changes, the last change happening at the time of the arrival of Christ. The time has come for us to pass from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is also called the Golden Age because it is destined to set our minds free from ignorance and delusion. . — We are living in an Age of Pisces Matrix. Time to leave it and build an Age of Aquarius Matrix – Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, where we have a new paradigm to work with, we must be careful. The new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics tells us that we live in an infinite, timeless, space less ocean of thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. And thoughts are things that create. Here is the Danger. The past 2000 years, which was called the Age of Pisces, has created the physical reality we see all around us. It needs to be updated. We need to think differently now that we are in the Age of Aquarius. We need to think new and better thoughts to create a new and better reality. — Symbols of the Age of Aquarius: Every two thousand years the age changes, the last change happening at the time of the arrival of Christ. The time has come for us to pass from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is also called the Golden Age because it is destined to set our minds free from ignorance and delusion.

Quantum Physics with Arun Gopan

This is Arun Gopan from India.

3 things – quantum interference, eye, separateness game

What I consider the most important concepts that came to me during the trip.

Experimental research on physics and hardware for quantum information processing

[Keio Spintronics Network – Tarucha-Oiwa Laboratory , University of Tokyo] Tokyo University’s Tarucha-Oiwa Laboratory is doing experimental research on physics and hardware for quantum information processing, which utilizes electron transport, spin correlation, and spin in low-dimensional electron systems. The laboratory is looking at electron systems in one and zero dimensions, which can be achieved through semiconductor microfabrication. The researchers study the fundamental physics of many-body effects in artificial atoms and molecules, spin phenomena in strong magnetic fields, the effects of conduction phenomena on electron and nuclear spin, electronic properties in one-dimensional Tomonaga-Luttinger liquids, and spin quantum computing. In addition, the Lab is developing a method of observing state density directly, using a surface-sensitive scanning probe. “In our Lab, the main theme is how to precisely control, investigate, and utilize the quantum mechanical properties of the most basic particles in semiconductors — the atoms. We started this research about 15 years ago. At that time, when we fabricated small structures called quantum dots, we were the first in the world to find out experimentally how to confine electrons in quantum dots, investigate their properties, and control their states.” When electrons are injected one by one into artificial atoms, they occupy orbits, due to the quantum confinement effect, and take on energy levels, like those in real atoms
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Modern Quantum Theory Quark (a “song”)

My final project for SPU 20… Lyrics: I am the very model of a modern quantum theory quark, I make up everything you know from minerals to Tony Stark Think of the smallest thing you can, I’m smaller than an atom’s parts To understand me, Harvard kid, you’ll have to use all of your smarts Let’s start off with the basics, you know atoms are the building blocks Inside the atom, protons, neutrons, and electrons, not a shock But let’s go smaller, shall we, to the really fundamental bits To quarks, force carriers, and leptons, see what you can make of it. Let’s start with quarks, they’re particles, not characters from DS9 There are six flavors, they’re in pairs, know all of them and you’ll be fine There’s up and down, and charm and strange, and top and bottom, that’s all six These particles are fundamental, take that with an asterisk Now quarks have charge, but here’s the thing, that charge is not an integer For up and charm and top, just know it is a positive two thirds For down and strange and bottom it’s one third but it is negative. For each of these the anti version’s charge is plus or minus switched. Quarks come in hadrons only, these are little groups of two or three The groups of two and three are mesons, baryons respectively A proton is a baryon, a neutron is a baryon But a quark and anti-quark’s a meson, now it’s time to carry on Now on to leptons, you’ll find there are only six of those to see Each neutrino and matching lepton make up lepton families The negative 1
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Quantum Mechanics: The Double Slit Experiment

Fermilab physicist, Dr. Robert Plunkett, describes the deBroglie wave nature of an electron as demonstrated in the infamous double slit experiment.

1 of 2. Quantum Healing Our bodies ultimately are domains of information, intelligence and energy. The very fact that our body is an assembled mass of molecules implies that we are energetic entities. Further, quantum physics discovered in the last decades that every particle of matter is associated with interaction and resonance quanta (parcels of energy) at a ratio of about 1 nucleon to 1 billion quanta. The quanta exhibit specific patterns and are susceptible to resonance. These subtle energetic configurations (bodies) can be disturbed causing unwellness and pain. Therefore, the body is a quantum mechanical device and Quantum Healing is healing the bodymind from a quantum level. That means from a level, which is not manifest at a sensory level. Quantum Depth Healing involves a shift in the areas of energy information, so as to bring about a reconstruction in an idea that has gone wrong. So quantum healing involves healing one mode of consciousness “the mind” to bring about changes in another mode of consciousness “the body”. Another important point in quantum biology is that consciousness is not consolidated or focused in any one particular place. Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system through all it`s organs and tissues by a group of chemicals called neuropeptides in the brain. Each thought, feeling, desire, attitude, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system by means of these specific

Quantum Awakenings – Ancient Forces – Timeless Tibetan Practices

The Quantum Awakening Experience is an experiential passage through which profound relaxation, energetic healing and personal enlightenment journeys can be found. Central to the science of energetic healing is the notion that as human beings, our physical body co-exists with a more subtle energetic body. When we die, it is the energetic essence that leaves the physical body. As we live, the spark of this energetic essence bubbles up into consciousness from this same subtle place. We are not just physical beings that have spiritual notions; we are spiritual beings that manifest our body and the material world in every moment of our lives. Disease including cells of the worst types of cancer, runs through our bloodstream every single day. The difference between one who is sick and one who is not, is that healthy immune systems keep the bad cells from taking over. Throughout life, as physical or emotional traumas occur, our stress (as a function of our attachment or resistance to those events) blocks the subtle energy pathways in one of the 7 energetic centers found along our spine. These energetic blocks directly effect the function of the immune system, leaving us open to disease. Western medicine operates by interrupting the mechanisms of disease. Quantum Healing comes from an understanding of the energetic origins of disease, and replaces disturbed fields of energy with those of healthy patterns. Tibetan Vibrational Massage sessions directly engage energetic blocks

THE THIRD EYE – Quantum Cathedral TRAILER

An experiment that started with two friends Matt and John on a quest for answers…. what is consciousness ? …… They hoped that the small budget system they had built would get them there answers 10 years ahead of the conventional methods. Their ambitious and radical theory was criticized by other scientist as assuming too much and in their plan’s to develop virtual reality generator technology as far too advanced and unrealistic. Their gamble was to assume that the human brain is natures own quantum computer. To test this theory they would use a quantum computer that communicates with other quantum computers in parallel universes and a universal virtual reality generator to simulated a universe that quantum mechanics predicts and the virtual world would be governed by a quantum computer. The virtual world is not measured and rendered step by step , but generated spontaneously and randomly with the help of the quantum computer. now the images of the virtual world are gathered by a pair of virtual eyes that are a exact real world physical simulation of biological eyes …. brains connection to the technology running the virtual reality is a direct connection .. and a biological extension of the user with no classical computer measurements that are made in between the generated virtual world and the observer. the experiment is to see if the human brain operates at a quantum level to create awareness and to see if that is what causes quantum decoheriance. …. if

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