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World’s Quickest Personality Test

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Quickest attack speed in Heroes of Newerth

Fastest attack speed possible with Madman in HoN without using the console. Did I miss a buff? Can it be any faster?
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Need For Speed World Online HeadStart LVL 30 Milestone (quickest way to Lvl up)

Edit: I now include a map to my route at Notes. HeadStart started July 20, I Started on July 21, Video was taken on July 22. How to LvL fast on headStart What u need (starts Pack) Bonus Car It helps save money (boost) 1)use free tire 1 car and run pursuits untill u hit lvl 5 2)on First pursuit win were it show Rep and Cash wining click both big icons in the middle and buy (boost) the 25% rep + cash) 3) On LVL5 upgrade cars performance (do not buy any cars untill fully lvled to 50) 4)after lvl 5 rent a tire 2 car (porche or BMW Perfurbly) 5)keep doing pursuits untill lvl 10 6) after lvl 10 Make sure u start off at heat 5 and jsut follow this video over and over and over. 7)On lvl 12 remmber your begging car? buy the last Performance Part for it try not to spend Boost on racings power-up . Only spend boost on 25% rep + cash as well as by the 3 extra grage spots you need them later on. U really only need Run flats, emargance Evade and Nitro (maybe instent cool down? when lvling make sure u put your points on +% rep on Pursuits, +% Rep On takendown cops / heaver car / higher DMG on impatcs and any thing else inbetween. Or pause m,y video at the end to see what I maxed out / speending points on. (notes) Any pursuit over 10 mins will crash. Do to current bug in game Any Pursuit over 10 mins will not make all that much more exp. the time I calulated in the video is the fast way making xp for lvling useing the leset amount of time doing it. bealive me I try many
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the quickest food delivery in the world

flying termites eating in africa.certainly healthier and less disgusting than a greasy kebab or a chicken nugget.and it’s free!

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