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Super Mario Galaxy : Gold Leaf Galaxy – The Bell on the Big Tree & Cosmic Mario Forest Race

Please read the description before commenting. If you don’t like the commentary, just mute the video or watch something else. This is my first FULL playthrough of the game. Intro made by YouTube member dembonez19. *** Two missions here in this video. The first one is The Bell on the Big Tree, and it’s the “hidden” Power Star of this galaxy. Mario has to hop into a bubble, and you must move him around using the A button, much like in Bubble Breeze Galaxy, but with no hazards this time. Ring the bell and collect the music notes within the time limit to get the Power Star. The second mission is Cosmic Mario Forest Race. I don’t think I need to explain this one. Enjoy.

Downhill Mattress Race full funny videos college prank ideas college door pranks college april

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hotdog race

hotdog race!!!!!
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drag race bad start

Top Beautiful Actors and Actress Tattoos Based on Lucille Ball, Lucille Benson, Lucille Brown, Lucinda Jenney, Lucky Vanous, Lucy Kate Hale, Lucy Lawless, Lucy Liu, Ludivine Sagnier, Ludwig Donath, Ludwig Stossel, Luigi Amodeo, Luis Alberni, Luis Guzman, Luis Manuel Pelayo, Luis Trenker, Luise Rainer, Lukas Haas, Luke Edwards, Luke MacFarlane, Luke Perry, Luke Wilson, Lumi Cavazos, Lupe Ontiveros, Lupe Velez


My PodCast!
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Line rider dual race

My first attempt at racing two little blighters across a barren land.
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inline skating race goes wrong

Top 25 TV Shows Based on Caroling, Caroling, Carols from King’s, Carols from King’s: A Celebration of Christmas, Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak, Carpocalypse: Civil War, Carpool, Carpool to Nirvana, Carpoolers, Carrie, Carrie Fisher: The Hollywood Family, Carrie’s War, Carry On Laughing, Carson Daly: Total Disclosure, Carson’s Comedy Classics, Carter Can, Carter Country, Carter’s Army, Cartier: Jewelers to the Kings, Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, Cartoons Go to War, Carver’s Gate, Cary Grant, Cary Grant: A Class Apart, Cary Grant: The Leading Man, Caryl & Marilyn: Real Friends
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worst rally race corner ever

Top 25 Sexy Actors and Actress Tattoos Based on Pat Carroll, Pat Corley, Pat Crowley, Pat Harrington, Pat Hingle, Pat Morita, Pat O’Brien, Pat O’Malley, Pat Paterson, Patience Collier, Patric Knowles, Patrice Wymore, Patricia Arquette, Patricia Barry, Patricia Burke, Patricia Charbonneau, Patricia Clarkson, Patricia Collinge, Patricia Dunn, Patricia Elliott, Patricia Ellis, Patricia Hayes, Patricia Healy, Patricia Hearst, Patricia Heaton

race car hits deer

Top 25 Perfect Celebrities Tattoos Based on : Markus Flanagan, Marla Gibbs, Marla Maples, Marla Schaffel, Marla Sokoloff, Marlee Matlin, Marlene Dietrich, Marley Shelton, Marlo Thomas, Marlon Brando, Marlon Wayans, Mars Callahan, Marsha Hunt, Marsha Mason, Marsha Thomason, Marsha Warfield, Marshall Allman, Marshall Bell, Marshall Chronicles, Marshall Thompson, Martha Byrne, Martha Hyer, Martha Plimpton, Martha Raye, Martha Scott
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GT4 – Bentley Speed 8 Car – Race @ Circuit de la Sarthe I – power set to -11

Watch JF racing with the Bentley Speed 8 Race Car at Circuit de la Sarthe (Le Mans). Device: original Sony Dual Shock 2 Controller Power set to -11 to match bot’s top speed and power curve. Weight is default. RSS tyres. Level 10. Telemetry is on all the time. No flat tyre, no fatal crash. Hope you enjoy the ride! サーキットデラサルト(ルマン)でのベントレースピード8レースカーとJFレーシングウォッチ。 デバイス:元ソニーのジョイスティック。 電源は、ボットのトップスピードとパワーの曲線に合わせて、-11に設定。 重量はデフォルトです。 RSSタイヤ。 レベル10。 テレメトリーは、すべての時間になります。 いいえフラットタイヤなし、致命的なクラッシュ。

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