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Funniest Prank Calls – Prank Call Gone Wrong.. Angry Grandpa Rages !! (ORIGINAL)

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Funniest Prank Calls – Pizza Hut Chick Rages At Us – Part 2

Part 1:
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Kid Rages Over Egg McMuffin // The John Krassman Show

It was just a normal day in the life of John Krassman, a maniac from the state of South Dakota. Based of expierence i’d say that without doubt he is both mentally and physcologically unstable. So what do you get when you cross a mentally unstable teenager with a McDonalds Egg McMuffin… the answer will not surprise you. DO NOT READ BELOW (FOR VIDEO USE) John Krassman Pranks Jokes Crazy Kid Tourettes Mentally Unstable funny minecraft black ops mw3 skyrim us osama bin laden 2012 2029 2036 2011 yo mama cats dog seananners rwj RayWilliamJohnson Cool Guy Call Of Duty Monkey Halo Silly Gay/Lesbian Fail Roflcopter lol Rofl McDonalds Eggmcmuffin Marijuana Weed Canada Sucks America am the most awesomest person ever Fire Machinima Explosion Spike Mythbusters TV Funny as xbox playstation 360 Wii I’m for win Yum Apple 😀 Ipod Ipad Mac

Ownage Pranks Live Show: Indian Rages Hard (new)

On a live show Ownage calls “Suhlinder” and makes him rage at him.

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