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inline skate long rail

Top 25 TV Shows Based on Dalziel and Pascoe: Exit Lines, Dalziel and Pascoe: Recalled to Life, Dalziel and Pascoe: The British Grenadier, Dalziel and Pascoe: The Wood Beyond, Dalziel and Pascoe: Time to Go, Damage Control, Damaged Care, Damian! In Concert from Bucharest, Damien,…
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grinding 100 foot rail

carpet skateing
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Tay Rail Bridge 28th Dec 2008

An investigation into claims of people seeing a ghost like train crossing over the bridge on the anniversary of the Tay Rail Bridge disaster.These claims are unfounded.

中国高铁China High Speed Rail 1/2 [HD][CC]

武廣高鐵Wuhan Guangzhou High Speed Rail [CRH 和谐号][HD] China’s fastest high-speed train has begun services between the cities of Wuhan and Guangzhou.

Creating New Jobs by Investing in High-Speed Rail

President Obama, joined by Vice President Biden, announces billion in Recovery Act funding for high-speed rail projects that will provide faster, more energy-efficient travel between cities and create new jobs for American workers. The announcement came during a Town Hall meeting in Tampa, FL. January 28, 2010.
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World Longest skateboard Rail Grind?

This guy is amazing oh my
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Another View – On The Fast Track? High-Speed Rail In Hampton Roads

It’s an unfortunate fact that, according to the latest Census, 10.4% of the entire African-American male population, ages 25-29 are incarcerated. That’s compared to 2.4% for Hispanic males, and 1.2% for white males. In Virginia, as of 2008, 58.6% of the entire prison population consists of Black males. What affect does this have on the Black family? How are the women who are left behind able to keep the family intact? How are they able to cope psychologically, socially and spiritually? On the next Another View we’ll talk about this critical issue with Reesy Floyd-Thompson, Director of Prisoners’ Wives, Girlfriends and Partners; Claudia Williams, Social Worker with the Family Integration Program, Department of Human Services, Norfolk, and Dr. Sherry Daniels, Director of Lifeline Link Video Conferencing in Norfolk, an innovative program to keep families in touch with the incarcerated loved one. Plus – beautiful portraits of beautiful women on the Peninsula – see the “Women of a New Tribe” exhibit.
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World Record: Longest Unicycle Rail Grind by Alex Toms

Alex Toms breaks the world record for the longest flat rail grind on a unicycle in 2005 – 29th of May. It was filmed for the Guiness World Record Studios in Sydney, Australia (Seven Network). He grinds 2.76m (9FT) Although some unicyclists have broke this record, just not officially!
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