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The Girl With a Razor Pranks

Very Funny Pranks See and LOL
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Prison officials using Razor to find inmate contraband

Washington prison officials are worried about cell phones falling into the hands of their inmates so now they’re turning to specially trained dogs to make sure offenders can’t reach out and touch someone from behind bars. KXLY4’s Jeff Humphrey reports.

Razor E300 Electric Scooter – Huge Discount Get Huge Discount on this Great Scooter Now! Just follow the link.
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razor mx650 variety video

razor mx650 riding, wheelies, and more Email me at or send me a personal message with your email and i will send you an invite within the next 2 hours. Enjoy!

Razor mx650 dirt bike review

I love this dirt bike, well this has been 1 summer with it and it is working like I opened it yesterday. Very happy with it. Its a heavy bike witch makes it sterdy. Speed: 17mph Price: 0 Brand: Razor Weight Capacity: 220 lbs Bottom line you should buy it.
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Razor MX650 and MX350 stunts

well i felt like i needed to post a vid of me and my little brother doing some stunts on our “dirt rockets”
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Me riding my razor mx650 dirt bike

Sorry the camera was shaky its hard to drive with one hand and hold the camera in the other.

RAZOR DIRT QUAD is Defective after only 4 and a half months

CONSUMER ALERT!! My Son was given a Razor Dirt Quad for Christmas by Santa in December 2009. It seemed well designed, and better quality than other electric riding toys. Unfortunately, this was not true. After using only riding this toy on our neighborhood sidewalks on evening walks a few times a month, the Razor Dirt Quad quit working after five months. My 5 year old son only rode this on sidewalks, on evening walks with supervision by us. So no crashing or abusive use was ever inflicted on the toy. I called Razor and was informed that they only had a 90 day warranty. I explained to the Razor customer service that my 5 year old son rode this toy the equivalent of less than 20 times, so there must be a manufacturer defect. Razor said they would only offer me free shipping. I would have to buy parts and labor. But the customer service agent said to call back after we find out what was wrong by “taking the toy to one of their authorized repair shops”. I assumed that if the repair shop suspected a manufacturer defect, and not abuse to the toy, or operator error, Razor might warranty the parts. I then took the Razor Dirt Quad to the authorized repair shop, and was called 2 days later. I was told that the toy had a “faulty throttle assembly” and also an “electronic sending unit”. The technician said that most likely this was probably defective from the manufacturer, because such a short time had passed, and so little use had been put on the toy. He said that Razor told him
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Razor MX350 In action!.AVI

Dirt bike Electric Razor mx350 in action by my 5 year old son. Stock with upgrade extra 12v battery for total 36v.
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A Razor Dune Buggy Gocart

My 4 year old and 8 year old playing on a Razor Dune Buggy, It is Big Fun for theam.
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