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NASA Rover Records Incredible Alien Structures and UFOs on MARS

The images looked at in this video were obtained by the NASA Mars Rover. They were taken from the following video which can be seen here: /watch?v=-4OwgRXgX_4
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Sal Secretly Records His Wife Yelling At Him 12-8-05 – PART 1 of 2 – Howard Stern Show

Sal The Stockbroker Secretly Records His Wife Yelling At Him. From 12-8-05.
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Casey Anthony loses motions in court over Jail records – Attorney Diana Tennis

10-29-10 Casey Anthony loses motions in court over Jail records, analysis by Attorney Diana Tennis for Fox 35 Learn more about Diana Tennis at

Shayning – Quantum Mechanics (ElectroZilla Records) 2011

Tags: “sesto sento 2011” “sesto sento 2012” “sesto sento 2013” “sesto sento 2014” “full on trance 2011” “full on trance 2012” “2011 trance” “2012 trance” Shayning – Quantum Mechanics (ElectroZilla Records) Shayning is a GOA / Fullon Trance Project by Shay Hugi from Ramat-Gan, Israel (Born: 1981), Shayning is known for his highly innovative mixture between classic traditional GOA trance and fullon trance beats with groovy and funky basslines, Shayning is known for his unprecedented quality productions that includes unique sound synthesis that drives the dancers knock the floor.Shayning is most identified with the new generation of the fullon trance productions, revolutionizing the art of composition while mixing oriented GOA tones with high BPM beats and uplifting spirit. In his compositions Shayning uses his vast experience from all the musical worlds he has been participating for years, which includes Breakbeat Production (1998) Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive and psychedelic hard rock and many more styles which are wrapped in heavy list of artistic accomplishments and live acts, Shayning’s intelligent music and uncompromised sound will elevate the dance floors very soon and will enrich every party.
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Casey Anthony Case: Tim Miller Won’t Disclose Records

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch responds to Casey Anthony Attorney’s request for records of searches for Caylee Anthony

What do Equuisearch Records Mean For Casey Anthony Defense?

9/21 Fox 35 5pm “What do Equuisearch Records Mean For Casey Defense?” Commentary By Orlando Criminal Defense lawyer Diana Tennis 10pm “Search Documents Poke Holes in Anthony Defense” Diana Tennis analysis Learn more about Diana Tennis at

Casey Anthony Case – Judge to Casey Anthony defense: Look at Records Before Requesting More Access – If defense attorney Jose Baez wants details about the thousands of volunteers who helped search for Casey Anthony’s 2-year-old daughter, he’s just going to have to look at the records that have already been available to him for seven months, a judge decided Monday. Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney Mark NeJame, who represents EquuSearch, said Baez has had plenty of time and access to view the volunteer search records.
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Iron Sheik Pranks Roadrunner Records

Sheik phones Roadrunner Records and argues with the other end. View more content at Hear Iron Sheik Speak at IRONSHEIKAPPS.COM © 2009 CEPHAS HOLDING CORP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
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The Verizon Prank: Look How Easy it is to Get the CEO’s Private Cell Phone Records and Address

Pranksters visit the private home of Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg, to deliver a personal message from Verizon customers. For the full story:

The year of the UFO: 2009 breaks records for the unexplained

They’re in the sky, they’re unexplained and there are more of them than ever. New figures reveal a huge spike in UFO sightings this year.. Follow us on twitter at
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