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Removing a snapping turtle from car – part 2

Second part of getting a snapping turtle out of the car using a dustpan as a shield.

Part 2 – Headgasket installation – Subaru 2.5 – without removing engine or jacking the engine

replacing the headgasket on 1998 subaru outback legacy 2.5 eng without pulling the engine or jacking the engine. Very little room, but in this video you can see it can be done.

removing handlebars switch housing for new bar installation ( throttle side)

BR shows some tricks on how to remove your switch housing on the throttle side. To help you better understand the your bike and the job ahead
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Victory Vision Motorcycle – Removing The Trunk

Removing the trunk from the Victory Vision Motorcycle can be tricky. Here’s a step by step video that shows you, in detail, the entire process and includes some tricks to keep you from scratching or damaging the bike.

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