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Gay Ricky Loves his Pizza

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Wild Vegas Elvis Wedding Ricky & Joyce


Walrus TV Artist Feature: Seen Interview with Ricky Powell from Dithers

I’m trying to incorporate the work of graffiti into these pieces to show the beauty of graffiti within a deteriorated mess. -Seen NY prankster and photographer, Ricky Powell, interviews graffiti legend Seen about growing up in the Bronx, monster trucks, urban environments, and the pitfalls of emerging technology. Ricky also gets an inside look at a then in-progress series of sculptures in the massive Seen Studios, reflecting the increasingly tactile direction his work was taking. Watch the interview from “Dithers,” available for the first time to the public for free, on Walrus TV.

Ricky gets scare by a rat

Poor Ricky gets scared by a plastic rat. Halloween pranks at work
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Ricky Smiley- Roaches in my House

Ricky Smiley does another of his radio show pranks

carmen pranks calls video store about ricky martin funny comedy

carmen pranks calls video store carmen pranks calls video store about ricky martin funny comedy

Ricky Boone

In time for Veterans Day, East Coast Assistance Dogs (ECAD), in conjunction with at risk students at Children’s Village’s residential school, will be training four veterans who were disabled in the Iraq War to work with their new assistance dogs. Assistance Dog Boot Camp, which runs from November 4 through November 18, is a rigorous two-week program in which the Vets are paired with their new canine helpers and learn how to work with the dogs and care for them. The Vets will be trained through lectures, dog handling drills and community field trips conducted by ECAD instructors and teen trainers. Under the supervision of ECAD staff, the students at Children’s Village and other residential schools in the area have spent the past 18-24 months training dogs to perform more than 80 commands, including opening and closings doors, answering the phone, turning on lights, acting as stability supports and responding to medical alarms. These special animals will give their new owners a measure of independence and security not otherwise possible. This special All Veterans Boot Camp comes to an end at Assistance Dog Graduation on November 19th at 5:30pm. The students will ceremoniously hand over the leads of the dogs that they have spent so much time caring for, training, and loving. For the students, the Assistance Dog Training Program is a chance to give back to people who are less fortunate then they are. Veterans receiving dogs are as follows: • Mary Dague, age 23, of San Antonio

Ricky Bobby family dinner

Saying grace at the table; scene cut from Talladega Nights.
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Ricky Fever Video for Cardplayers and Cool Guys

Very funny video highlighting true stories of bizarre people, acts of humor using descriptive stories, one liners and styles of your favorite Comedians.
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5/26/2010 Interview Ricky UFO Abductee Pt. 3 of 12

Welcome to Foil Hat Radio. We air live Friday nights @ 11:30 pm – 1:30 am eastern standard time (Columbus, OHIO USA) Please join us live to interact through chat and call in. @ On this episode I am your Host PJ Creamer. My co-host Robert Hatfield was not present as this was a wensday edition and he could not make it. I Interview Ricky aka UFOContactee. He gives his full account of his abduction in 1989 which resulted in being taken to the dark side of the moon. He remembers the account now at the age of 40 in great detail. Facinating interview. We have another interview with ricky lined up as this is his story but there is much more to uncover. you can find ricky on: Facebook : Myspace: Youtube: Please enjoy this Interview and leave ratings as well as comments. I am a new host and I would like to hear what you thought of my performance as well as Rickys story. Thank you all for your support!
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