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Riding bikes in the condo with rapper gone wrong

I told him to record me riding the bike in the house, but he thought it would be funny to ……..
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Riding Mower Prank on Dad Gone Wrong – Girls Take it Too Far – Reality Comedy Video

Two girls scare their father with a riding mower surprise prank but it ended up being a costly prank exceeding in over 1000 dollars in damages. See what these girls did to their father. Seems the damages ending up being an incentive for their father to spend over 4300 dollars on an upgraded replacement. The John Deere tractor was not damaged but something else was. See if their dad forgives them and gets over it. Did the girls gets punished or in trouble? Did anyone get run over? Does this remind you of those prank shows on MTV like Punked or Viva LeBam? See what the girls and their father do out in the yard with the tractor. Should Brittany not be allowed to have the key to the riding lawn mower? Will Brianna be paying for damages out of her allowance or will her dad just write it off as a loss and buy a new and improved replacement. Yard work can be fun when you do it together as a family and help each other out. Just remember to be careful around machinery especially when you are using a tractor with very sharp and big mower blades. Be sure to send in your prank ideas by posting them as a comment or a video response below. If you would like to audition for acting or be on TV then see our website at Do not try these pranks on anyone unless you are prepared to see some destroyed personal property or possibly and angry person. Not everyone is a good sport like these tow girls dad. Little kids need to have adult supervision. We also recommend not using

GTA San Andreas “Ghost Riding”

READ BEFORE YOU ASK/COMMENT Music: Spiderbait-Ghost Rider’s in the sky Mod link: (The mod is ONLY FOR PC) How to put the mod Read the damn readme.txt file!! This is a remake about my past glitch video, “Bursting Vehicles”. It also works on PC, Type this code, JCNRUAD to activate the cheat. Simply fire at your chosen vehicle, when it’s in fire, ride it. The cheat MUST be activated to do this. If you want to do it in other consoles, try looking at and look for the cheat that every-car-you-hit-explodes and makes yours invulnerable. If you don’t get it, Try watching my video, GTA “Bursting Vehicles Glitch” I didn’t put the handling file for the motor. I just replaced the model. So.. Good luck burning your vehicles.
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Disturbing video of two bigfoots riding a ATV . Shocking outtake from – ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BIGFOOT FOOTAGE

Bike riding FAIL

ghost rider!

Steves Riding Lawn Mower DUI Arrest Video

My buddy Steve is a moron! I often tell his stories in my show. This is one of my favorites. Through a friend on the force, I got one of Steve’s arrest videos from the summer of 2005. In south Louisiana this behavior is not uncommon at all. Tell a friend. Enjoy! I hope you can make it out to a show to hear my other Steve stories. http TAGS (Marc Ryan Mark Steve Old drunk lawnmower dui craftsman cops police pepper spray mased mace dashcam white trash trailer park alcoholic halo chainsaw beer 40 iphone Chris crocker Britney spears perez Hilton haters vma 07 Blaine street magic groundlings office pharmaceutical corporate sales meeting porn sex wasted stoner weed 420 chase)
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Travels with Dan- Riding Through the Streets of Taipei, Taiwan

In this installment of “Travels with Dan”, an American English teacher living in Japan travels to Taiwan and acts as his own camera man while experiencing the commute on the streets of Taipei. This was in ’07 and before the Travel Channel’s Bizarre Food and No Reservations programs.
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little rural riding hood

great tex toon! enjoy!!
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Me riding my razor mx650 dirt bike

Sorry the camera was shaky its hard to drive with one hand and hold the camera in the other.

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