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CUBO DI RUBIK soluzione semplice 3x3x3 ITALIANO (1/2)



Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Rubik’ 2x2x2 from 3x3x3 / DIY 2x2x2

I’ve made a 2x2x2 cube from a 3x3x3, and I made a video about some steps. Sorry for the bad quality…

Self Solving 4×4 Rubik Cube Animation

As far as I’m aware this is the first 4×4 self-solving Rubik Cube stop frame animation on YouTube and the Internet, enjoy! Music is ‘Green Hornet’ by Al Hirt. —————————— Additional (1 year later): —————————— Wow, I wasn’t expecting so many views and so much feedback; I would just like to thank everyone who has watch and enjoyed the video and to let you know that I’m currently making another video, not stop motion but still involving a Rubik cube. To answer a few questions that has arisen in peoples comments. * The method I use to solve this cube is slightly strange. I place the top and bottom middles first (front and back in video), place then orientate all eight corners and move in the top and bottom edges. Then I move the remaining edges into position and move around the middles. (I have since leant/discovered some new moves and can solve it much faster, although it’s still takes 4 minutes). * The clock was left there intentionally, to prove that I didn’t cheat and for your amusement on how much time was spent on a three minute video. * I took 4 shots/frames per move. * It took 5 hours and 10 minutes for the filming spread over 2 days as follows: 2:49 Saturday evening (then batteries in camera ran out), 40 mins Sunday morning and 1:41 on Sunday afternoon. A further hour was spent making it all into a video and getting very annoyed with windows movie maker. I hope that clarifies things. Prime
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a video to clear up some questions about the glueing part
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Rubik Solve Tutorial

Tutorial Video on how to use the rubiksolve site to easily solve your rubik’s cube. Website is .
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Please do not attempt blindsolving if you are not already experienced with the Rubik’s Cube. It requires the application of some somewhat complex concepts and may confuse a lot of you. I have tried to make this solution as clear and simple as possible, but unfortunately not all of you think the same way I do (you may not understand what I think is perfectly clear, as is a problem when anyone teaches anything to anyone). If you do not understand this solution a text/applet based description of the method this variation is based on can be found here:
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Machine qui résoud le rubik’ cube fait avec Blender

Ceci est une machine réalisé sous blender elle résous le rubik’s cube. Plus de 80 heures de travail et 15 jours de calcul pour le rendu :). (je cherche du travail dans le domaine de l’automatisme industriel mais si une place dans l’animation se libère je serai ravis de pouvoir être pris) Mr~Dave
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David Calvo solving Rubik Cube blindfolded

Visita mi pagina personal: Here I solve the Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. As it can be notified in the video, I previously memorized the whole cube, and afterwards I put the blindfold on and solved the cube. There is no cheat in this video. Of course, I am not the only one who can do it, neither I am the faster one, it’s just for fun. Enjoy,

la face blanche et la première couronne

linontas ton kivo tou rubik 3x3x3 (vima1), rubik’s cube 3x3x3 tutorial (step1)

Σε αυτο τον οδηγο θα δουμε πως λυνεται ο κυβος του rubik σe 7 βηματα, τις περιγραφες ,τα παραδειγματα ολων των διαφορετικων περιπτωσεων και τους απαραιτητους αλγορυθμους. Στοχος μου ειναι να βοηθησω κυριως οσους εχουν ασχοληθει και τα παρατησαν καπου στη μεση και να δειξω οτι ειναι ενα ακομα παραδειγμα καθαρης εξασκησης. “Η τελειότητα είναι μια τέχνη που κερδίζεται από την κατάρτιση και την εξοικείωση. Δεν ενεργούμε σωστά επειδή έχουμε την αρετή ή την τελειότητα.Είμαστε αυτό που κάνουμε επανειλημμένα. Η τελειότητα, έτσι, δεν είναι μια πράξη αλλά μια συνήθεια.” “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. ” (αριστοτελης 384-322 π.χ)
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Raw Video: Hungary Hosts Rubik Cube Championship

CAPTION: The Rubik cube European Championship is being held in Budapest this weekend, thirty years after the toy started it’s worldwide success. Fast fingered participants from 28 countries came to show their knowledge of Rubik cube solving. (Oct. 3)

Patrones en el cubo de Rubik (rubik’s cube)

Como formar dibujos en el cubo con 4 algoritmos. Para mas aclaración en los movimientos visitar
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I show you how the isides of the puzzle works, and a few REALLY helpful tips. The biggest Tip is at 2:12 I hope this helps you guys! rubiks rubix cube 360 how to solve rubik’s world record fastest time speed video longboarding mastercuber high quality easy best sphere sony handycam apple computer imovie tips tricks super
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