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Peasholm Park – Scarborough

A short video showing the serene Peasholm Park in Scarborough. Filmed by Nick Fletcher.
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Scarborough, Renaissance Festival 2011.wmv

Scarborough Renaissance Festival The Fool Hearty Show, trained dogs starring,ima nutt, marquise,blockhead and polka dot


so this is the most recent in the many reported sightings of UFO’s over the town. the fireballs keep flying over. speculation says they’re japanese lanterns but how would they move so fast against the wind? also, my friend and i have seen a “flying saucer” going over the castle, as well as mysterious red lights that hover just above rooftops before disappearing completely. as you can see in the video – these two lights flew over the town centre and loads of people saw it.
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Joe Scarborough apologizes to 9/11 truth activists in confrontation

While Joe Scarborough was confronted at a book signing, he apologized to 9/11 truth activists (We Are Change Chicago & Ohio) in response to his call for one to be tazed at a Clinton rally back in 2008. Scarborough also assured that the climate bill that passed through the house would not make it past the Senate. While being confronted about the mainstream black out on the Bilderberg meetings, both Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski denied any knowledge of the annual meetings that her father attends.


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