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★ 100 scared people part 1 – Scary AFV Video Clips #26 – America’s Funniest Home Videos part 577

Cryptic Fans Facebook : My Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: My FAILchannel: My NEWS blooper channel: DID YOU LIKE these Americas funniest home videos? CrypticAFV has a great fun channel with many hours (!) of video fun like this. A compilation of the funniest home videos with scary bloopers #26 from all over the world. Funny video part 577, 100 scared people part 1.

scared owl

Top 25 TV Shows Based on : Vanishing Line, Vanishing Point, Vanishing Son II, Vanishing Son III, Vanishing Son IV, Vanna White: Game Show Goddess, Van-Pires, Vaquero: The Forgotten Cowboy, Varian’s War, Variety Reviews ’92, Vatican Revealed, Veeck: A Man for Any Season, Vegas…


I scare the crap out of my brother
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Chubby kid scared while sleeping

Subscribe When i scared him, he slapped me haha, it was still funny though
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Kid being scared of maze game


Scared People 2

My Second Compilation of Scared People. This time with nice Ghost Pictures! Thanks to Adrian von Ziegler and Gespensterweb!


this is so funny!! I had to put it online. It’s in Icelandic but you don’t really need to understand what she’s saying sense she’s crying in the entire video xD

scared mom

Mom thinks Pin Head is a dummy and not a real person. Boy was she wrong!
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Halloween Prank Dummy Jumps Out Of A Window Woman Gets Scared!…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Kid Gets Scared Shitless

I know, its really dark and u cant see anything, but i assure u this is real, and funny as fuck!!! xD

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