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Scaring the life outta lois!

Me making lolo jump.
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scaring people gone wrong

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Funny – Prank Scaring on Jersey Shore – Featuring Sketch Empire (Season 2 Episode 21)

Subscribe to our new pranks channel See part 2 of this On Sketch Empire’s Channel! We took a 14 hour road trip to Columbus Ohio and another 6 hour trip to The Jersey Shore to work with one of YouTube’s up and coming prank channels Roman Atwood’s Sketch…

Scaring my friend to death! Part 3!

Here I scare my friend with the “Daddy long leg spider” I had, I didn’t have a spider in my hand but my friend is truly scared to death of spiders! It was funny I love watching my own reaction and me running away 😛 it’s great!

Scaring YouTuber’s At Playlist Live 2012

scary snow man Scaring YouTuber’s At Playlist Live 2012
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Scaring Ellen’s Staff with Dance!

Ellen’s staffers got a hilarious surprise when they arrived at the office: a Dance Attack! Robert Hoffman was hidden and ready to spring some surprise dance moves on them.
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A Tribute to Scaring Emily

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Scaring Onyeka

Onyeka being scared by Jose Coira. We were at traditions!

scaring blane haha

lol blane gettin shit scared outta him
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Scaring my cousin senseless

scaring my cousin

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